InOvate DryerFlex Dryer Transition Duct

DryerFlex® models DFLX4 and DFLX8 are building code and manufacturer approved 4” round transition duct and are designed for superior performance in connecting the dryer’s exhaust port to a home’s in wall dryer exhaust system. Building code and manufacturer adoption of DryerFlex as a superior solution is based on compliance with IMC 504.4 and IRC 1502.3 as well as a UL 2158A listing.

DryerFlex gets its flexibility, strength and fire resistant capabilities with 5 layers of 25 micron 100% aluminum ribbon, attached over galvanized zinc coated wire. The application method for the aluminum ribbon ensures a consistent 4” inner diameter whether it is fully extended or fully compressed. 

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DFLX4 InOvate DryerFlex dryer transition duct. 4 foot section. 1 Day. In-stock $14.07
DFLX8 InOvate DryerFlex dryer transition duct. 8 foot section. 1 Day. In-stock $27.01
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Dryerbox DryerFlex

Dryerbox DryerFlex

Dryerbox DryerFlex

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#1 Q:   What do you use recommend using for attaching the transition duct to the vent? Clamps, zip ties, other?
A:   We typically see gear clamps used with this duct. They are removable and reusable which is good for dryer connections.

       Asked on 2023-09-14 by Jeanette

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