Mini Condensate Pumps

Aspen Mini Orange and Maxi Orange Condensate Pump Kits

Quiet and reliable condensate pumps used with mini split or a/c systems between 49,500 and 157,000 BTU/HR. Typically concealed in lineset covers or above ceiling.

From $263.25

Aspen Mini Lime and Maxi Lime Condensate Pump Kits

Surface mounted condensate pumps used with mini split or a/c systems between 54,600 and 157,000 BTU/HR. Installed in lineset. Integral reservoir.

From $364.55

Aspen Mini Aqua Condensate Pump Kits

Ultra slim condensate pump for install inside evaporator, lineset cover or above the ceiling. For systems up to 49,500 BTU/HR.

From $312.94

Aspen Mini White Condensate Pump Kits

For wall and ceiling suspended indoor units - designed to be fitted below the indoor unit. For systems up to 49,500 BTU/HR.

From $284.92

Sauermann Si-30 Compact Mini Condensate Pump

Suitable for air-conditioning units up to 5.6 tons. Compact design. Best selling Sauermann pump.

From $114.90

Sauermann Omega Pack Mini Condensate Removal Pump

Ideal choice for convenient under unit mounting. The onboard Si-20 provides you high performance pumping capacities with ultra quiet operation.

From $136.40

Sauermann Delta Pack Side Mount Mini Condensate Removal Pump Kit

The performance of the Si-10 with ducting for installation next to air conditioning units. Side Mount. For units up to 5.5 tons.

Sauermann Si-10 Compact Monobloc Mini Condensate Removal Pump

Compact monobloc mini condensate removal pump with integrated detection unit for install in tight spaces. For units up to 5.5 tons.

From $112.20

Sauermann Si-20 Inline Mini Condensate Removal Pump

Performance packed in to a compact, versatile design, slim enough for a quick install inside the air conditioning unit. For units up to 5.5 tons

From $114.80

Sauermann Si-33 High Capacity Mini Condensate Pump

If you need high capacity pump performance in a compact, mini pump design the Si-33 is the ultimate choice on the market. For units up to 8.4 tons.

From $156.20

Little Giant EC-1-DV Series Remote Pump Mini Split Condensate Removal Pumps

Two piece design allows the reservoir to be placed within the air handler while the pump-controller is located outside. 110-240VAC.

Little Giant Condensate Pump Check Valves

Check valves for Little Giant and other brand condensate removal pumps.

From $15.90

Common uses for this equipment

Remove condensate generated by minisplits or a/c units. Mini series are referred to as "mini pumps" due to their physical size. They are purpose designed to fit in tight spaces such as lineset covers. This makes installation and maintenance easier.


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