Grilles and Registers

We sell both stock size as well as custom made rectangular grilles and registers as well as stock round registers for both supply and exhaust applications.

Made to order grilles and registers:

All of our Dayus grilles are cut to size, aluminum construction, rustproof and only 40% weight versus steel. Powder coated superior painted finish has frames protected by an easily removable polyfilm. Finishes include white, silver, bronze or mill.

Be sure to checkout our selection of custom wood grilles for that luxury touch as well as the AirScape perforated custom grilles.

Just select what you need and remember to call us if you have any sizing questions!

Some things to consider:

What do the terms grille and register mean?
A grille is a vent that does NOT have a damper. 
A register on the other hand is a vent that does have a damper.

What is the difference between wall and floor grilles/registers?
Floor grilles/registers can support the weight of a person (extra bracing) while wall ones cannot.

When sizing grilles remember:

  • Supply or exhaust application? It matters for some grilles.
  • Dayus grilles are sized by the hole they fit into.  We call the hole size the List Size.  They are typically slightly undercut to make sure they fit the hole.
  • Filter grilles are openable, should you need access or want to install a filter.

Click Below to Grille Families

Bar Linear Grilles

Bar linear grilles for that modern look. Extruded aluminum construction. Available for floor and ceiling applications.

Grilles - Rectangular

Stock and Made-to-Order grilles and registers. This means that we will custom make the grille of your choice to the exact size. WOW!

Grilles - Round

Round exhaust and supply grilles in metal and plastic. Available with and without backdraft dampers.

Baseboard Registers

Baseboard grilles and registers. Metal construction.

Curved Blade Grilles

Curved blade grilles and registers. Available in multiple deflection patterns.

Decorative Grilles

Gorgeous decorative grilles and registers for that high-end finished look. Large range of design styles and finishes. Custom sizes and patterns available.

Filter Grilles

Return air FILTER grilles for residential and commercial applications. Stock and Made-to-Order grilles.

Perforated Flat Custom Grilles

Perforated FLAT (no flange) grilles made to your specifications in 1/8" thick aluminium. Select the size, punch pattern, spacing, screw hole locations and finish.

Perforated Flanged Custom Grilles

Perforated FLANGED grilles made to your specifications in 1/8" thick aluminium. Select the size, punch pattern, spacing, screw hole locations and finish.

Plastic Grilles & Registers

Stocked plastic grilles and registers. Rectangular and round shapes available.

Round Perforated Flat Grilles

ROUND Perforated FLAT (no flange) grilles made to your specifications. Select the material, size, hole pattern, spacing, screw hole locations and finish.

Slot Diffusers & Returns

Linear slot diffusers. Long narrow slots take place of traditional fins. The installation is flush with the wall or ceiling, and the diffuser all but disappears within the natural lines of the structure.

Spiral Duct Diffusers

Duffusers/grilles for spiral duct. Universal diameter models or with curved (diameter specific) saddles.

T-Bar Supply Grilles

T-Bar commercial supply grilles. Fit standard t-bar ceilings. 2x2 ft and 1x2 ft models. Aluminum, plastic and fiberglass models.

T-Bar Return Grilles

T-Bar commercial return grilles. Fit standard t-bar ceilings. Aluminum, plastic and fiberglass models.

Wood Grilles

Wood grilles. Custom sizes, patterns and wood species available. Wall and floor models.


Exterior louvers. 1, 2 and 4 inch frame depth. Custom sizes as well as standard stock available.


Motorized as well as gravity dampers/shutters. Available in aluminum, steel, fibreglass and plastic.

Access Doors

Steel access doors for ceiling and wall applications. Very useful when you need to leave behind the wall access to a fan, electrical, or valve.


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