Remote Fans for Bath

Fantech FR Series Inline Centrifugal Fans

Inline duct fan made of a thermoplastic resin. UL listed for outdoor use or in wet locations. Speed controllable. Installs in any orientation.

From $134.20

S&P TD Series Inline Fans

A great fan for applications which require a high airflow to pressure ratio and occupy only the minimum space possible.

From $84.10

S&P TD-SILENT Series Inline Fans

TD-SILENT series are extremely quiet, low profile mixed-flow fans. Manufactured in plastic material with a perforated inner skin and sound-absorbent insulation.

From $198.70

Vortex Powerfans S Series Ultra Quiet Inline Fan

Ultra quiet inline mixed flow fans. These fans include a factory mounted power cord and an integrated backdraft damper.

From $177.00

Aldes Ventergy Series VS In-Line Fans

Highly versatile, continuous-duty fans. Used for exhaust ventilation of bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and garages.

From $201.70

Spruce RB and RV Inline Fans

Spruce thermoplastic inline fans - RV and RB series. For bath, boosting, or general ventilation.

From $131.00

Fantech RVF Exterior Fans

An exterior mount fan for installation on outside walls. Galvanized sheet metal housing with baked powder coat finish. Speed controllable. Standard and EC motors.

From $173.00

Fantech CVS Series Multi-Port Exhaust Fans

Multipoint exhaust fan with 2 or 4 exhaust ports for installation in very tight locations. Speed controllable.

From $238.20

Aldes Ventergy Series MPVS Multi-Port Ventilators

For residential and light commercial applications. Popular for central, continuous whole-house exhaust ventilation of bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

From $288.80

Fantech BFRK Bath Surface Fan Retrofit Kits

Bath fan conversion kit for surface mounted fans. Easily converts an existing noisy bath fan into a more powerful yet quiet fan. 110 cfm.

From $181.00

S&P SWF sidewall fans

Designed for outdoor wall mounting. SWF fans have high static pressure capability and a BUILT IN BACKDRAFT DAMPER.

From $180.80

Fantech FG Series Inline Centrifugal Fans

Airtight galvanized sheet metal housing (unpainted). Direct drive external rotor motorized impeller assembly. Speed controllable. Installs in any orientation.

From $144.60

Vortex Powerfans VTX Series Inline Fan

High performance inline blowers. Powder coated casings. Speed controllable and include a power cord.

From $114.00

S&P PV Series Inline Fans

These fans are compact and have high static pressure capability. High quality motorized impellers with 5 year warranty.

From $153.90

Fantech RE Exterior Fans

Designed for roof (curb or self flashing) or wall exterior mounting. RE fans are great for general ventilation or residential kitchens.

From $225.70

S&P FFC Inline/Cabinet Ventilators

Used to exhaust air from commercial and institutional applications where quiet, high-capacity ventilation is needed. INLINE/ CABINET version.

From $194.70

Common uses for this equipment

Exhaust fans for bathrooms.  The most common fan is the FR series from Fantech.   Pair this duct with insulated ducting and a grille for an extremely quiet system.


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