No Smoke, No Odors... and... No Noise.

How often do you cook up a storm and then have to work up the courage to turn on the noisy exhaust fan?  Well, if that's your situation, you've come to the right place.

If you don’t want to hear the roar of a (not so) cheap kitchen exhaust hood right over your head, what are the options?

Here is the basic idea.  Take a high quality fan, mount it remotely from the hood, and make sure the fan noise does not get transferred back to the hood.  There are a couple of trick involved in this process.  Not all fans are created equal.  Simply listing x-CFM on the side of the box does not prove that the fan will deliver when needed. When connected to ductwork, fitting, grease filters, and a roof cap, that fan has to work had to push and pull air.  So listing x-CFM without the other parameter of static pressure is like only disclosing your "downhill" miles per gallon !

Kitchen Exhaust Products

Kitchen Exhaust Kits

Pre-configured components for kitchen ventilation

Kitchen Exhaust Fans

Fans rated for use in residential kitchens.

Inline Fans Metal Housing

Inline fans with metal housings. Metal housing is a requirement for any type of kitchen ventilation.

Range Hood Liners

Hood liners contain fan controls and grease filters. They are designed to be covered by a decorative surround.

Silencers and Backdraft Dampers

Inline silencers for noise reduction. Backdraft dampers to prevent air infiltration.

Discharge Caps - Wall

Wall mounted hoods and louvered vents. Available in plastic, galvanized steel, stainless steel and copper.

Discharge Caps - Roof

Roof mounted caps and vents. Available in plastic, galvanized steel, stainless steel and copper.

Duct and Duct Accessories

Duct and duct fittings to build exhaust air systems. Ductwork, clamps, y-fittings, reducers, tape, etc.

Air Inlets & Fresh Air Kits

Through the wall make-up air inlets and fresh air inlet kits. Inlets available in round, rectangular, self-regulating, adjustable, and filtering models.

Exhaust Fan Controls

Electronic timers, humidity switches, and fan speed controls.

No need to be frightened..

Our technical rep's can help you assemble an ultra quiet kitchen ventilation system. Or if you wish, we've chosen and assembled components into our AirScape Kitchen Ventilation Packages. We'll start by helping assessing your needs:
  • What type of cooking do you do ?
  • How large is your cooktop ?
Any solution we propose will be very quiet. If you would like to do a little more research before ordering take a look at these links: How-To Design Quiet Kitchen Ventilation
On-line Kitchen Configurator



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