Dryers that don't work?

A clothes dryer blows hot air over your clothes, while bouncing them up and down. Here is the problem. The hot, and now very moist, air must be ejected from the dryer. If the dryer duct is very long, has a lot of bends in it there will not be adequate airflow. The symptom (and we've hear this plenty of times) is a 2+ hour drying time. Not right, and not energy efficient.

Can't I just make that small 4" exhaust pipe bigger, like 6" ?

Simply: No. Since your dryer is carrying a fair bit of lint, the air velocity has to be high. If it's too low, the lint gets dropped. Next thing, you know, you're back to a partially blocked duct and a slow running dryer!

Solution: Dryer Booster Fans.

Dryer Booster Fans

Dryer Booster fans help clothes dryers push air through long or convoluted ducts. Boosting is generally needed in order to maintain a minimum airflow of 100cfm as duct length increases and bends are introduced in the duct line.

Dryer Exhaust Caps

Exhaust caps specifically tailored for dryer exhaust or other lint/particle laden air streams.

Dryer Vent Boxes & Couplings

Dryer Vent Boxes and Couplings for safer and more efficient drying. Using a recessed dryer vent box protects your walls from the heat of the dryer, allows for easier duct attachment, and prevents condensation from building up and creating a spot for mold or mildew. Couplings maintain dryer path and efficiency.

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Here are some application notes:
  • Dryer Booster fans can be in-line or externally mounted
  • Use metal body fans for commerical applications
  • A lint trap should be considered in some cases


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