Wildfire Smoke is A Major Health Concern!

Residents of hot dry states such as California and Oregon learn to live with the annual fire season.  With all the smoke generated by these wildfires you are probably concerned about the long-term health risks of breathing the smoke, and looking for ways to protect yourself or your family.

Ash, soot, and other particles in the air can cause irritation to the eyes and lungs and aggravate respiratory issues such as asthma. Even when you stay indoors and close the windows, the fine smoke particles can still make it inside your home.  Traditional HVAC furnace filters do a great job at filtering dust and allergens, but do not remove the ultra-fine particles associated with smoke.  This is where a HEPA filtration unit can help. 

What is a HEPA?

In order to be HEPA certified, air filters have to remove 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger.  That means the HEPA will capture up to 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 microns – that’s much smaller than a human hair, which is 100 microns. But HEPA filters do not stop at 0.3 microns. They continue to collect even smaller particles that could become embedded in your lungs.

Smoke from wildfires is made up of both large particles, such as ash, and ultra-fine particles that you cannot see but are suspended in the air.  The large particles typically settle as dust and can be wiped away, but it's the ultra-fine particles that can cause major respiratory problems.  A HEPA filtration unit can go a long way to removing these ultra-fine particles and improve the air quality.

Why not Ozone?

There are air cleaners on the market that produce ozone to destroy pathogens and clean the air.  As good as that sounds, ozone is a respiratory system irritant that can cause other health problems.  The California Air Resources Board even warns against using them for that reason!


Wildfire Smoke Control and Cleanup Products

Smoke Mitigation Systems

Permanent on-demand smoke mitigation systems that allow you to filter air whenever needed. Designed with MERV 13, MERV 15 or HEPA level filtration as needed. Custom built kits also available.

HEPA Filtration

HEPA filters can take out the smallest particles from your air. 99.97% effective down to 0.3 microns.

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