Bathroom Exhaust Kits

Fantech PB Bathroom Exhaust and Light Kits

Pre-selected bath kits containing FG inline fans and grilles or light grilles.

From $159.00

Value Packages - Complete Bath Exhaust Kits

Take Fantech PB kits and add duct, timer, roof cap and clamps for a ready-to-go kit.

From $264.00

Fantech PBW Exterior Mounted Fan Bathroom Exhaust Kits

Exterior mounted fan bath kits containing fans and grilles. Some kits include lighting. RVF4 fans.

From $209.00

AirScape Bath Ventilation Packages

Quiet, effective, and surprisingly affordable! These AirScape bath ventilation kits are capable of ventilating both small and large bathrooms depending on size selected.

From $109.00

S&P TD Inline Fan Kits

TD-MIXVENT fan kits provide the hardware needed to complete a simple in-line ducted ventilation installation. The TD kits includes a powerful TD in-line fan and exterior and interior grilles.

From $131.10

Aldes SBFK and MBFK Series Single-Port Bath Fan Kits

Single-port and multi-port bath kits. A flexible way to install a compact exhaust grille directly over the shower or in tight bathroom spaces.

From $24.40

Aldes VentZone Series VZ Zoned Bath Exhaust Kits

Zoned exhaust ventilation kits. MPVS150 ventilator and Zone Register Terminals (ZRT-1) provide powerful-yet-silent zone controlled exhaust from bathrooms that are in use.

S&P PV Inline Fan Kits

S&P PV-POWERVENT series fan KITS offer a choice of single or dual vent exhaust. These kit are used for installations that require long or complicated duct runs.

Fantech BFRK Bath Surface Fan Retrofit Kits

Bath fan conversion kit for surface mounted fans. Easily converts an existing noisy bath fan into a more powerful yet quiet fan. 110 cfm.

From $199.00

Common uses for this equipment

If you need high quality, QUIET, bath ventilation the easiest and most economical way to is to purchase one of our preconfigured kits.

Bath ventilation kits have either the core components (fan + grilles), or can come complete with just about everything from grille to duct to roof cap.


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