Pressure (Air) Balancing

Tamarack Perfect Balance In-Door Pressure Balancer

Attractive option for solving indoor pressure imbalances. 24.5 inch width X 4 inch height rough opening. Fits a 1-3/8 inch thick door with a minimum width of 30 inches. White.

From $49.00

Tamarack Return Air Pathway (RAP) Pressure Relief

Relieves pressure build up in the home by allowing the movement of air between rooms while dampening sound and light transmission.

From $55.00

Dayus Non-Vision Door Grilles

Non-vision door grilles. Inverted V rollformed blades on 2/3” spacing providing a stylish appearance on both sides. MADE TO ORDER - Any size in 3 days!

Common uses for this equipment

Relieve pressure between rooms (caused by exhaust fans or the HVAC system) while dampening sound and light transmission. Can be used instead of undercutting doors.


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