Grilles - Round

Fantech Round DG-DGD-PB Exhaust Grilles

Fantech plastic and metal supply and exhaust grilles. Some grilles include backdraft dampers and lights.

From $18.20

S&P VL Intake Grilles with LIGHTS and Backdraft Dampers

Soler & Palau exhaust grills WITH BUILT-IN LIGHTS. Box with hanger bars and backdraft damper standard.

From $135.70

Fantech Round CG Exhaust and Supply Grilles

These Contour Grilles have been scientifically designed to work as either Supply or Exhaust Grilles. Plastic.

From $16.00

Fantech Round MGE and MGS Metal Grilles

Fantech's Metal Grilles. White powder coat finish. MGE for exhaust and MGS for supply

From $19.00

Lifebreath EasyAir Grilles and Adapters

Lifebreath EasyAir fully adjustable ventilation grilles and matching mounting adapters. White plastic.

From $7.60

Primex WG Series Adjust-A-Vent Ceiling Grilles

WG grilles are durable, adjustable air supply or exhaust vents. This ceiling or wall mountable grille provides whisper quiet airflow in an unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing housing.

From $8.30

Primex WGX Series True-Flow Ceiling Grilles

WGX grilles are highly-adjustable air supply or exhaust vents. The ceiling mountable grille provides whisper-quiet airflow in an unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing housing.

From $10.90

Primex DC Terminator Diffuser Collars

Terminations for round ducting and a collar for diffusers and grilles in air distribution systems. The strong, industrial-grade plastic is durable and lightweight.

From $9.30

HaVACo 12 Inch Round Plastic Ceiling Diffusers With Boot

Round 12 inch plastic ceiling diffusers. Capital Crown and lower profile models. With quick connect 8/7/6 reducing boot.

From $30.60

Airtec Series MV360 Round Ceiling Diffusers and Grilles

ROUND plastic ceiling diffusers with an integral ceiling box. Quick tear off bands allow for easy size changes and swinging clips for fastening to the ceiling.

From $40.41

Airtec Series GR360 and GRD360 Low Clearance Ceiling Grilles - No Boot

ROUND grille only or grille with damper for limited clearance side or top entry applications. Plastic.

From $12.09

Seiho TT Series Mini Diffusers For Supply and Exhaust Applications

For low volume supply and exhaust applications. The diffuser has an aerodynamically profiled, adjustable center plate for flow regulation.

From $57.30

Seiho JRC Series Adjustable Aluminum Grilles For Supply and Exhaust Applications

Excellent architectural styling for low flow supply and exhaust applications. Designed for ceiling and wall mounting.

From $41.90

S&P MRJ Series Mesh Grills for TD Fans

MRJ Grills fit on the suction and the discharge sides of TD fans.

From $43.60

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