Garage Ventilation

Tjernlund Cool Breeze Garage Cooling Fan

Garage fan pulls hot air from the garage ceiling and exhausts it into the garage attic space where it exits out the ridge, roof or gable vents.

Fantech FADE Direct Drive Propeller Fans

Sidewall propeller fans designed for structural stability with a slim profile for conservation of space and safety. All fans are statically and dynamically balanced for vibration free operation.

From $205.90

S&P SWF sidewall fans

Designed for outdoor wall mounting. SWF fans have high static pressure capability and a BUILT IN BACKDRAFT DAMPER.

From $189.30

Fantech RE Exterior Fans

Designed for roof (curb or self flashing) or wall exterior mounting. RE fans are great for general ventilation or residential kitchens.

From $225.70

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