Attic Fans.
Exhaust Hot Air from Your Attic.

Most attics are designed with enough ventilation so that natural convection currents are enough to ventilate the attic.  The purpose of this ventilation is to reduce the attic temperature and less importantly (in colder conditions) to reduce humidity. 

However, there are many instances in which the installed ventilation is inadequate offers 2 types of attic ventilators - electrically powered and solar powered.  The electrically powered units require 120VAC power, while the solar powered units generate their own electricity from an included solar electric panel (photovoltaic panel).

Some things to consider:


Powered Attic Ventilators are:

  • Powerful
  • Inexpensive
  • Require electrical work to install
  • Can increase your power bill

Solar Attic Ventilators are:

  • Less Powerful
  • More Expensive
  • DO NOT Require electrical work to install
  • No electrical bill impact

Click Below to See Attic Fan Families

Attic Fans - Powered

Electric powered attic fans for attic exhaust. Typically powered by 120 VAC from a circuit in the home.

Attic Fans - Solar

Attic fans powered by a solar panel. No need for expensive electrical wiring and no power cost.

Attic Vents

Non-powered vents for attics and similar spaces. Turbine vents, whirlybirds, louvers, ventilated frieze blocks, etc.

Discharge Caps - Roof

Roof mounted caps and vents. Available in plastic, galvanized steel, stainless steel and copper.

Soffit Vents

Caps and grilles for venting of soffits or exhausting through a soffit area. Soffit vent caps can be used for dryer, bathroom or general exhaust applications.


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