Fans to push air. Fans to pull air. Small fans.           Big fans.

This is our uncategorized list of fans. Sometimes it's just plain easier to look over the big list, so here you go.

Fantech, S&P, Vortex INLINE fans are in a whole different league compared to the cheap home improvement store air beaters or builder specials. They use commercial motors and techniques to deliver an unbeatable combination of high airflow and low noise.

For bathroom applications, a typical inline fan system consists of a grille in the bathroom ceiling (1 or more depending on the CFM of the fan), an inline fan in the attic and a roof or side-wall cap. Insulated flexible ducting is used to connect the grille, fan and cap. The reason we like insulated flex duct is because it does an amazing job of taking out any fan noise making the exhaust system extremely quiet and its easy to work with.

For kitchen applications, here is the basic idea. Take a high quality inline fan, mount it remotely from the hood, and make sure the fan noise does not get transferred back to the hood. There are a couple of tricks involved in this process and not all fans are created equal. Simply listing x-CFM on the side of the box does not prove that the fan will deliver when needed. When connected to ductwork, fitting, grease filters, and a roof cap, that fan has to work had to push and pull air. So listing x-CFM without the other parameter of static pressure is like only disclosing your "downhill" miles per gallon. All our inline fans have specification charts listed that clearly show the CFM vs static pressure so you can more precisely estimate the actual air flow your system will have.

For general air movement, we would add the AC Infinity Cloudline inline fans to our favorites.  They are well priced, speed controllable and come with 2 different controllers, depending on the model. Their fancier T model controller can be programmed to adjust fan speeds to respond to varying high and low temperatures, and humidity. The controller can be set to run continuously, or triggered to run at customizable speeds when given power, due to its backup memory capability. Additional features includes a countdown timer, alarm system, and eco-mode. Includes detachable 12-foot precision probe that is water resistant.

AC Infinity CLOUDLINE Inline Fans


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Inline Fans

Inline fans, metal, plastic, low pressure, high pressure. Inline fans are the only way to get a truly quiet and powerful system.

Inline EC Fans

EC motor inline fans. Inline fans are the only way to get a truly quiet and powerful system. The addition of the EC motor gives you great energy efficiency and full speed controllability.

AV Closet Cooling

Fan system designed for cooling AV equipment rooms, closets, and larger enclosures.

Basement Ventilation

Products used to ventilate your basement to eliminate basement odors and reduce humidity.

Ceiling Mounted Bath Fans

Ceiling mounted fans for bathroom ventilation. Also suitable for general ventilation use.

Crawlspace Ventilation

Specialized fans for ventilation of crawlspaces.

Destratification Fans

Thermal destratification fans for air temperature equalization. Used to equalize the air temperature in warehouses, green houses, shop floors and other large spaces.

Draft Inducers and Chimney Fans

These fans can be used to improve the draft of a wood fired chimney.

Dryer Booster Fans

Dryer Booster fans help clothes dryers push air through long or convoluted ducts. Boosting is generally needed in order to maintain a minimum airflow of 100cfm as duct length increases and bends are introduced in the duct line.

Explosion Proof Fans

Explosion proof fans for paintbooth and other specialized applications.

Exterior Exhaust Fans

Sidewall and roof mounted residential exhaust fans.

Garage Ventilation

Garage (residential) ventilation fans. Control heat and fume buildup using continuous or intermittent ventilation

Hydroponics Fans

Inline fans, metal cased, for high pressure applications like hydroponics. Heavy duty and powerful.

Propeller Fans Direct Drive

Direct Drive propeller fans. Great idea. All the air volume. No belts. Great motors.

Radon Fans

Radon fans remove harmful radon gas before it gets into your house.

Room-to-Room and Register Boosters

Room to room and register boosters are simple to install fans designed to boost airflow.

Rotary General Purpose Fans

General purpose axial fans, often used for computer cabinet cooling.


Electronic and mechanical timers, fan delay switches, and programmable timers.

Exhaust Fan Controls

Electronic timers, humidity switches, and fan speed controls.



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