Destratification Fans

AirScape Destratification Fans

Lightweight, sturdy all aluminum construction designed for commercial office, warehouse and greenhouse use. Airflow is 488 to 1509 CFM.

From $650.00

Tjernlund DSF2 Destratification Fans

Compact, high velocity destratification ceiling fans recirculate trapped air in high ceiling areas to lower heating costs. 540 CFM high-velocity. 30 watts.

From $398.00

Common uses for this equipment

Disperse air throughout buildings by disrupting the normal thermal stratification that occurs as cold air settles.

Whether used to move warm air down in winter or to eliminate cold pockets of air in the summer, destratification fans equalize the air temperature in the building. Equalizing air temperature can drastically reduce heating and cooling costs and raise the overall comfort levels of the building occupants. 


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