Want a quick improvement to your indoor air quality?

Get a clean high efficiency air filter!

The single most important thing you can do to keep your air conditioning and heating (HVAC) system working efficiently is to make sure the air filter is clean (washed or changed on a regular basis).

Air filters protect the HVAC system components as well as providing benefits such as cleaner air in the home and reduced allergy symptoms.


Filters are typically rated using the MERV system.  The higher the MERV rating the higher the filter capture efficiency.  The filters we sell range from MERV 6 to MERV 13.

A dirty air filter can have the following effects:

  • Reduced air flow which results in less heating/cooling air delivered in the home
  • Increased power consumption by the HVAC blower
  • Shorter equipment life and compressor failure
  • Freezing of the AC coil in the furnace
How often to replace my filter?

The filter replacement period can vary greatly.  It can range from 1 to 3 months for typical homes to every couple of weeks for some businesses where dust is an issue.   Seasonal variations such as pollen season can also effect filter replacement.  Also the amount of time the HVAC system runs will make a difference. The bottom line is don't wait for the entire filter to become matted with dust/debris.  

Indoor Air Quality Products

Medium Efficiency Air Filters

Medium efficiency air filters are great for residential use where you want a good filter without a high pressure drop.

High Efficiency Air Filters

MERV 11 and 13 air filters are used to take out even the smallest particles.

HEPA Filtration

HEPA filters can take out the smallest particles from your air. 99.97% effective down to 0.3 microns.

Carbon Air Filters

Carbon air filters filter particles from the air, but the carbon also absorbs odors and volatile organic compounds.

Inline Filter Boxes

Filter boxes fit inline and contain replaceable filters. It's important to filter air and this makes it simple.

Air Purifiers

Room and large space purifiers that improve indoor air quality (IAQ) safely and efficiently. For cleaning the air, typically via filtration.

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