Aldes SBFK and MBFK Series Single-Port Bath Fan Kits

American Aldes SBFK Single-Port Bath Fan Kits and MBFK Multi-Port Bath Fan Kits are a flexible way to install a compact exhaust grille directly over the shower or in tight bathroom spaces. The powerful central system effectively removes moisture, steam, and odors right from the source.

The SBFK is designed for homes with 1-2 bathrooms. The MBFK is designed for homes with 2-4 bathrooms.

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SBFK-DG-1 Aldes 1 Bathroom SBFK - Single-port bath fan kit with 1 grille. Part 25401. 1 Day $193.30
SBFK-DG-2 Aldes 2 Bathroom SBFK - Single-port bath fan kit with 2 grilles and Y splitter. Part 25407. 1 Day $277.40
MBFK-AG-2/6 Aldes 2 Bathroom MBFK - Multi-port bath fan kit with 1 6 inch grille and 1 4 inch gille. Part 25417. 1 Day $340.20
MBFK-AG-3/6 Aldes 3 Bathroom MBFK - Multi-port bath fan kit with 1 6 inch grille and 2 4 inch gilles. Part 25420. 1 Day $379.50
MBFK-AG-4/6 Aldes 4 Bathroom MBFK - Multi-port bath fan kit with 1 6 inch grille and 3 4 inch gilles. Part 25423. 1 Day $418.00
29010 Aldes Electronic Push-Button Timer Switch Control. Pre-set delay times: 15/30/60/120 minutes. 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1/3 hp (7.2 Amps), 500 W Incandescent. Part 29010. 1 Day $35.40
29011 Aldes Electronic Fan/Light Timer Switch Control. Independent Fan/Light Controls. Pre-set times: 20/40/60 minutes. 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1/6 hp, 500 W Incandescent. Part 29011. 1 Day $35.40
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aldes sbfk and mbfk

aldes sbfk and mbfk

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