InOvate Dryer Wall Vent

Perfect fit for both vent replacement and new construction, this stylish and durable enclosure meets or exceeds all code requirements for safe dryer venting. Heavy gauge steel body with powder coating ensures a long duty life. Clean lines make a nice aesthetic contribution to every home.

Featuring a slightly reduced collar diameter, DryerWallVents mate easily to any 4" duct work. This means it's as easy to add the new vent to existing construction as it is to include it in new construction. Four built-in holes for fasteners are completely covered by the damper. Installation is simply a matter of slipping the collar into the duct, opening the damper and drilling in a quick four screws.

• Galvalume® & Powder Coated Steel Construction
• Lightweight Damper and Heavier Frame
• Recessed Gravity Damper & Integrated Magnets
• Integrated Secondary Back Plate with Wider Mounting Holes
• Built-in Drip Edge
• Damper Opens Freely to 110°
• Low Strength Closure Magnets
• Rubber Bumpers Support Quiet Closing Damper
• Eight Built-in Mounting Holes

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DWV4W InOvate DryerWallVent for 4 inch dryer ducts. White finish. 1 Day. In-stock $40.69
DWV4T InOvate DryerWallVent for 4 inch dryer ducts. Tan finish. 1 Day. In-stock $40.69
DWV4B InOvate DryerWallVent for 4 inch dryer ducts. Brown finish. 1 Day. In-stock $40.69
DWV4K InOvate DryerWallVent for 4 inch dryer ducts. Black finish. 1 Day. In-stock $40.69
G4DWV InOvate added protection insert guard for DryerWallVent. Guard only, DryerWallVent not included. 1 Day. In-stock $18.00
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g4dwv Insert Guard


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