AirScape 3400 WHF Whole House Fan

The AirScape patented aerodynamic fan housing and Powered Airlock™ damper boost efficiency by 133% over the 3.4e!  XR models boost door insulation levels to an incredible R-49.


  • 24-inch Industrial Grade fan
  • ECM motor for outstanding performance
  • Impressive Cooling: 3440 CFM (@ 298 Watts) on high
  • AirScape's Most Efficient Fan Ever: 42.5 CFM/Watt at low speed (723 CFM @ 17 Watts)
  • Whisper quiet: 36 dBA at min. up to 52 dBA on max speed
  • California Title 24 compliant
  • XR units offer additional door insulation
  • New Digital Touch Controller provides 10 speed settings and a 12-hour timer!
  • Optional remote controls unit from anywhere in the home.
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3400 WHF AirScape 3400 Whole House Fan, featuring 24 in. industrial grade fan with ultra-efficient ECM motor in our patented aerodynamic housing. INCLUDES fan assembly, Powered Airlock R-49 insulated mechanical damper, 7 ft. ductwork, mounting hardware, duct tape, white cube core grille, wall mounted Digital Touch Controller and CAT5 cable. Features include: Plug-and-Play Connections (RJ-45), 12-hour Timer, 10 speeds (723 to 3440 CFM), R-49 Insulation. 1-2 Days $2049.00
RC-DTC-KIT Airscape Wireless Remote Kit. Includes remote transmitter (DTC-TRANS-V1) and wireless receiver (RC-REC-V1). Full speed range and timer function. Battery operated (included). Compatible with Digital Touch Controller only. 1 Day. In-stock $79.00
DTC-TRANS-V1 Additional wireless remote transmitter. Includes remote transmitter (DTC-TRANS-V1) only. Battery operated (included). Compatible with Digital Touch Controller only. 1 Day. In-stock $39.00
ACP-02 Acoustic Plenum Box. An insulated raised frame that reduces sound levels up to 3 dBA. The kit includes: insulated raised frame and installation hardware. Ships un-assembled. For use with 3400/4300/5300 Series WHF units. 22.5 x 26.5 inch inside dimensions. 1 Day. In-stock $201.00
RG-2622 Openable and washable grille for use with 3400, 4300 and 5300 Whole House Fans. 26.5 x 22.5 inch rough opening. To be used with 24 O/C joists - special construction necessary when installing with 16 O/C joists. 1 Day. In-stock $57.00
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3400WHF Specification Sheet (PDF file)

3400WHF Installation Manual (PDF file)


Airflow: 723 / 1352 / 1775 / 2082 / 2415 / 2671 / 2896 / 3105 / 3282 / 3440 CFM (min - max; 10 speed settings)
For Square footage: up to 4000 (under ideal conditions)
Fans: 24 inch industrial grade fan
Energy Use: 17 / 33 / 55 / 80 / 110 / 142 / 179 / 217 / 259 / 298 Watts (min - max)
Efficiency: 42.5 / 41.0 / 32.3 / 26.0 / 22.0 / 18.8 / 16.2 / 14.3 / 12.7 / 11.5 CFM per Watt (min - max)
Sound Level: 36 to 52 dBA (min - max)
Attic Seal: Airtight with Industrial Grade Dampers
Insulation: Automatic Insulated R-10 Dampers, or R-49 VIP on XR model
Controls: Low-voltage hardwired switch with timer, Optional Wireless Remote
Grille: High-Flow, White Aluminum cube-core
Grille Outer Dimensions: 24.5 inch × 28.5 inch
Installation: Compatible on 16 or 24 inch O/C joists
Rough Opening: 22.5 inch × 26. 5 inch
Required Attic Venting: 4.6 sq.ft min net free area (7 recommended)
Unit Size: 33.25 x 26.25 x 19.25 in (Fully Assembled Damper Unit)
Shipping Weight: 130 lbs (3 boxes total)
Electrical: 120 VAC, 60hz
Warranty: 3 Years

Digital Touch Controller in action (click for video):

Outstanding Energy Efficiency: An advanced ECM Motor supplies maximum airflow at high speeds to quickly cool down the home, then "unloads" to achieve maximum efficiency at low speeds so no watt goes to waste.
Industrial-Grade Fans: 24 inch industrial-grade fan, mounted in a patented aerodynamic housing, delivers up to 3440 CFM quietly and efficiently.
Mulitple Speed Operation: 10 speeds and a 12-hour timer provide a range of options for quick cooling and efficicient, whisper-quiet overnight performance.
Whisper-Quiet Design: Ducted design isolates the fan and motor housing to minimize noise.
AirScape AirLock™ Insulated Damper: Heavy-duty actuators, tested to 45,000 cycles, open and close R-10 insulated damper door, providing a thermal barrier and airtight seal between the attic and living space. No seasonal insulation needed!
Premium Cube-Core Grille: High-flow grille designed to maximize efficiency and minimize noise
Engineered Quality for Maintenance Free Operation: Designed and engineered for years of dependable service. Built in North America using all-metal construction, industrial grade components, and solid state electronics.
Quick and Simple Installation: Compact footprint mounts standard 16- or 24-inch on-center joists using pre-drilled tabs. Designed to fit through its own mounting hole. Equipped with a factory-installed standard plug, and low-voltage, "plug-and-play" controls.
Warranty and Technical Support: Guaranteed for 3 years and supported by our professional technical team: Prompt, knowledgeable responses from real engineers are an e-mail or phone call away

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#1 Q:   can you show me the inside grill
A:   The grille is a typical white cube core grille. 1/2 inch grid of cubes. There are some grille images here:

       Asked on 2022-03-10 by Tom

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