Suncourt HC500 Flush Mount Register Booster

Suncourt's Flush Fit Register Booster increases airflow to under performing registers improving comfort to rooms that are too hot or too cold. The Flush Fit Register Booster's quiet 3-speed, dual fans pull extra air out of weak registers, boosting airflow by up to 85%.

• Saves energy and money
• Fits a 4" x 10" wall/floor register
• Simply replace existing floor/wall register
• Adaptor plate available to fit larger openings (up to 6x12")
• Low voltage – safe for children and pets
• Works automatically with forced air systems
• Push button function controls
• 12 month limited warranty

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HC500-W Suncourt register booster fan. Fits a 4x10 inch wall/floor register. 6 foot power cord included. WHITE. 1 Day. In-stock $43.99
HC5PL1-W Suncourt adaptor plate for the HC500. Fits Wall/Floor Register Sizes: 6" x 10", 6" x 12", 4" x 12". WHITE. 1 Day. In-stock $9.99
HC500-B Suncourt register booster fan. Fits a 4x10 inch wall/floor register. 6 foot power cord included. BROWN. 1 Day. In-stock $43.99
HC5PL1-B Suncourt adaptor plate for the HC500. Fits Wall/Floor Register Sizes: 6" x 10", 6" x 12", 4" x 12". BROWN. 1 Day. In Stock $9.99
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Suncourt HC500 Size



Suncourt HC500 booster fan

Suncourt HC500 in floor

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#1 Q:   I noticed that one of the products increases air flow by 80%. Can you tell me the percentage of air flow this would increase my vent to, approximately. I do not know how much 132cfm would be. Thank you for your time.
A:   They can boost airflow by up to 85%.

       Asked on 2020-07-09 by Fred
#2 Q:   Does this take in air or blow out air?
A:   The top face with the controls that you see in the picture is where the air is being blown out of.

       Asked on 2020-06-19 by Carolina
#3 Q:   Is this product plastic or metal?
A:   These are plastic cased.

       Asked on 2019-10-17 by Chuck
#4 Q:   Does this require constant power?
A:   Yes, its meant to be plugged into an outlet at all times.

       Asked on 2019-07-25 by James
#5 Q:   It there a temperature limit that these are rate for?
A:   Souncourt rates them as 140 F max. See installation manual for details.

       Asked on 2019-01-06 by Davroostr
#6 Q:   Clearly this is designed to increase the discharge air flow from a supply air register. I however need to adapt an application to transfer air through a transfer duct. Can the forced airflow direction be reversed to draw air into the register as opposed to pushing air out of the register?
A:   No. You cannot reverse the direction of the airflow. See if this is what you are looking for:

       Asked on 2018-12-12 by Dennis
#7 Q:   I dont have a forced air system, I just want to use this to draw warm air up from the basement in the winter through a hole I cut in the floor. Will the passive warm air rising up through it be enough to automatically start the fan? If not, is there a way to manually turn the fan on?
A:   Passive warm air is not enough to automatically start the fan. But there is a continuous running mode setting so you can use that to manually run the fan.

       Asked on 2018-11-13 by R
#8 Q:   Is this controlled with a thermostat to turn on /off?
A:   It has a built in thermostat that senses when hot/cold air is coming from the furnace. See more info on the settings here:

       Asked on 2018-11-06 by Brian
#9 Q:   CFM please.
A:   132 cfm per factory.

       Asked on 2018-10-26 by Dodie
#10 Q:   My opening is 4 X 11 5/8 The specs say 11 5/8 X 5 5/8. According to that measurement it would fit lenght wise but not width wise. Is that a typeo? Should it be 3 5/8 on the width?
A:   The spec you are looking at is the overall size of the booster. The portion that slides into the opening is smaller and fits 4x10 openings. Not a typo. You would need the adapter plate for your size opening.

       Asked on 2014-12-06 by Steve
#11 Q:   Will this work with ceiling install?
A:   No, it is for floors only with no real fastening mechanism.

       Asked on 2013-06-09 by Chuck

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