Suncourt Products

Inline Air Booster Fans

Suncourt Duct Booster Fans & DS100 Thermostat

Install into home or office ductwork. Operate by wiring directly to the main blower of your heating/cooling system, an on/off switch, a speed controller, or Suncourt's DuctStat plug-in thermostat.

Room-to-Room and Register Boosters

Suncourt HC500 Flush Mount Register Booster

Suncourt's Flush Fit Register Booster increases airflow to under performing registers improving comfort to rooms that are too hot or too cold. 5 fan speed settings.

Suncourt HC600 EZ8 Register Booster Fan

Suncourt's HC600 EZ8 register booster increases airflow to under performing registers. Fits any register that is 6x12 inch or smaller. 8 fan speed settings.

Suncourt TW Room to Room Transfer Fans

Safely move heated or cooled air between rooms or floors. Also excellent for ventilation! Variable speed and multi speed models.

Dryer Booster Fans

Suncourt Centrasense DRM04 Dryer Booster Kit

DRM04 DEDPV dryer booster kit for dryers that have a long duct runs to the outside. Includes remote mounted indicator panel.

Suncourt DRY04 Centrax Dryer Booster Kit

Designed to boost the exhaust from dryers that have long duct runs to the outside. The kit consists of a Centrax centrifugal fan, current switch, and mounting hardware.

Air Dampers

Suncourt ZC Motorized Zone Dampers

Motorized dampers primarily used for zone control. Normally open or normally closed models. 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch diameters. 120V to 24V transformer included.