Fantech Commercial

Fantech Commercial Products

Food Truck Exhaust Fans

Fantech 5DDU Series Food Truck Exhaust Fans

Low profile upblast ventilators for exhausting foul air, smoke, fumes and odors from food truck and concession trailer hoods. UL 705 listed.

Propeller Fans Direct Drive

Fantech 2SHE Series Direct Drive Shutter Fans

Shutter mounted exhaust fans for ventilating warehouses, stores, factories, workshops, greenhouses and farm buildings. Airflow up to 8,225 cfm.

Rooftop Exhausters Downblast

Fantech 5DDD Series Direct Drive Downblast Roof Ventilator

Direct-drive downblast ventilators for low to moderate static pressure conditions. All models are UL 705 listed.

Rooftop Exhausters Upblast

Fantech 5DDU Series Direct Drive Upblast Roof Ventilators

DD upblast ventilators for exhausting foul air, smoke, fumes, odors and grease-laden vapors from range hoods and commercial cooking. Airflow up to 3,899 cfm. UL 705 listed.

Light Commercial Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators

Fantech Light Commercial Energy Recovery Ventilators ERVs

Fantech light commercial and commercial ERVs (energy recovery ventilators). 460+ CFM.

Fantech Light Commercial Heat Recovery Ventilators HRVs

Fantech light commercial and commercial HRVs (heat recovery ventilators). 465+ CFM.

Inline Fans

Fantech FSD Series Inline Square Duct Fans

Galvanized sheet metal housing. Direct drive external rotor motorized impeller assembly. Square duct-mate type flanged connection collars.