Dwyer Series 1831 DPDT Low Differential Manual Reset Pressure Switches

1831 series differential pressure switches are now available with a DPDT switch and manual reset. The 1831 combines small size with 4% set point repeatability. Absolutely no power is required to operate the DPDT switch. Set point adjustment on the switch is easily accessible for modifying the set point.

The Series 1831 DPDT Low Differential Pressure Switches with Manual Reset eliminate common problems associated with typical high duct static cutout installations. Since the 1831 requires absolutely no power to drive its outputs, a separate power loop and its associated additional wiring and conduit is alleviated, reducing material and labor installation costs. Both control contacts of the Series 1831 activate at the same time. The potential of the lead switch shutting down the fan preventing the lag switch from sending an alarming signal to the DDC is no longer a probable system liability. Potential costly maintenance calls are diminished.

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1831-1-RA-S Dwyer DPDT low differential pressure switches. 2.5-11" w.c. range. Manual reset. 1-2 Days $119.00
1831-2-RA-S Dwyer DPDT low differential pressure switches. 7.5-23" w.c. range. Manual reset. 1-2 Days $119.00
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1831 series

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