S&P MBR Series TD Circular Fan Duct Connectors

MBR series flanges enable TD fans to connect in series.  Neoprane interior lining.

Available in 5 to 10" sizes.

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MBR-125 S&P 5" TD circular fan duct connector. 1-2 Days $23.70
MBR-150 S&P 6" TD circular fan duct connector. 1-2 Days $27.10
MBR-200 S&P 8" TD circular fan duct connector. 1-2 Days $33.40
MBR-250 S&P 10" TD circular fan duct connector. 1-2 Days $41.00
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#1 Q:   Do I need the MBR200 flange to connect the TD200S fan to the MCA200 backdraft damper or the MAR200 rectangular connector?
A:   The MBR are used to connect 2 TD fans in series. They are not required for other accessories like the MCA.

       Asked on 2019-07-14 by Richard

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