Aldes Ventergy DSVS Multi Port Distributed Supply Ventilator

American Aldes Ventergy Series® DSVS Distributed Supply Ventilator is designed to filter and distribute incoming fresh air to residences while preventing the unwanted introduction of contaminants from depressurization and infiltration. The DSVS100 meets ENERGY STAR criteria for low energy consumption.

Each fan is factory preset to deliver precise amounts of fresh air to each living space. By slightly pressurizing the structure, the DSVS100 also reduces the risk of backdrafting heating appliances, water heaters, and fireplaces. It features a quiet, continuous-duty, energy-efficient, external-rotor motor with permanently sealed bearings for many years of maintenance-free performance. At 0.2 in. w.g. of static pressure, the DSVS100 produces 110 CFM.

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IAQ-DSVS100/313 Aldes Distributing Supply Ventilator Kits (Continuous Supply). DSVS w/2 grilles. Part 25250. 2-3 Days $367.70
IAQ-DSVS100/323 Aldes Distributing Supply Ventilator Kits (Continuous Supply). DSVS w/3 grilles. Part 25251. 2-3 Days $411.70
IAQ-DSVS100/333 Aldes Distributing Supply Ventilator Kits (Continuous Supply). DSVS w/4 grilles. Part 25252. 2-3 Days $454.90
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