S&P Fan Kitchen Ventilation Kits

A powerful S&P TD fan mounted inline—that is, in the wall or attic rather than inside the range hood—is the optimum setup to deliver great ventilation performance with very little noise. The ASKI series brings serious commercial components, specifications and techniques to residential kitchen ventilation.

The result is to eliminate smoke, heat, grease and odors quietly and efficiently, keeping the air quality and noise level in your kitchen as inviting as the decor.

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ASKI-36 S&P fan kitchen exhaust kit. 8 inch duct size. 418 CFM at 0.375" SP. Includes TD-200 fan, 8 inch silencer, 8 inch backdraft damper, pair of mounting clamps, and an 8 inch galvanized steel roof cap. 1 Day. In-stock $419.00
ASKI-42 S&P fan kitchen exhaust kit. 10 inch duct size. 640 CFM at 0.375" SP. Includes TD-250 fan, 10 inch silencer, 10 inch backdraft damper, pair of mounting clamps, and a 10 inch galvanized steel roof cap. 1 Day. In-stock $679.00
ASKI-48 S&P fan kitchen exhaust kit. 12 inch duct size. 850 CFM at 0.375" SP. Includes TD-315 fan, 12 inch silencer, 12 inch backdraft damper, pair of mounting clamps, and a 12 inch galvanized steel roof cap. 1 Day. In-stock $859.00
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#1 Q:   Id like to be able to have some sort of round grease filter and grill cover to use, with the round ductwork. I dont want the whole range hood look.
A:   You would need a larger cross section in the intake grille than just the duct size to lower the velocity of the air going through the grease filter. Otherwise grease will get pulled through the filter. We commonly see a rectangular cube core filter grille being used in the ceiling with a grease filter inserted instead of a paper filter. Feel free to call us to discuss sizing and parts.

       Asked on 2022-12-12 by Deb
#2 Q:   What is the amperage of the Kitchen ventilation kits?
A:   TD-200 is 1.6 amps, TD-250 is 2 amps and TD-315 is 2.8 amps.

       Asked on 2021-10-28 by CM
#3 Q:   Since this is an overhead system, does it have a remote?
A:   No remote. Its meant to be tied into a wall or hood mounted switch or speed controller. 120 V.

       Asked on 2020-08-07 by Laurel
#4 Q:   I have an existing 30 system with fan installed in the hood. Its way to loud. Can I remove the fan from existing hood and install vent kit while using existing hood controls and lighting? It doesnt look like range hood liner is compatible with my existing hood.
A:   Typically yes. We see that done often. Sometimes the hood fan controls cannot be used to control the new fa. It depends on what the controls are and how they are wired to control the old fan. You would have to take a look at that.

       Asked on 2020-05-02 by mark
#5 Q:   Where can I see the specs and image for the roof cap that is included in ASKI 36?
A:   Its one of these: http://www.hvacquick.com/products/residential/Kitchen-Exhaust/Discharge-Caps-Roof/roof-caps-galvanized-steel

       Asked on 2017-03-03 by Bob
#6 Q:   I am looking at installing a new kitchen exhaust system over a new gas range in our kitchen remodel. We dont want to use a hood. I am looking at the ASKI-36. Is it possible to attach this to a variable speed controller? Also how tall is the entire assembly from ceiling to roof?
A:   Dimensions are the in the catalog sheet (under Links tab). Yes, the fans can be speed controlled. WC15 or the 6637-PW. http://www.hvacquick.com/products/residential/Kitchen-Exhaust/Exhaust-Fan-Controls/Fantech-Speed-and-Fan-Controls

       Asked on 2017-02-05 by Joe
#7 Q:   In what order is this installed out the roof? Is the motor first then the silencer?
A:   The silencer is placed between the kitchen and the motor. Its meant to silence the motor noise coming back to the kitchen. See here: http://www.hvacquick.com/sysbuilder/kitchenbuild.php

       Asked on 2016-04-15 by Les
#8 Q:   Is a hood required in a kitchen? Or can I just mount a ceiling exhaust in the vaulted ceiling above an island cook top?
A:   We see the no-hood setup all the time. They work great. You should oversize the fan a bit since the capture efficiency is not as good as a hood directly over a stove. Also, check with your local building department to make sure they do not have any special local requirements. Feel free to call us at 877-711-4822 if you want to go over the sizing in detail. Thanks.

       Asked on 2014-10-11 by John
#9 Q:   Can this Ventilation Kit be connected with Microwave Exhaust System instead of the plain exhaust hoods?
A:   Yes, adapters are available to transition the outlet to a pipe that will hook to these fans.

       Asked on 2014-08-07 by Maggie
#10 Q:   I currently have a very loud fan through the wall as my kitchen exhaust system. How much work will be involved in installing this system? Carpenters? roofers? and electricians?
A:   Minimally the electrician and roofer...Also, there will need to be attic near the kitchen as that is where the mechanical are located. The work wont be too involved, but it does depend on the existing infrastructure.

       Asked on 2014-05-03 by ny
#11 Q:   What is the sone rating for the ASKI-42?
A:   Varies by install, but less than 5 when done correctly. The silencer and some distance help tremendously.

       Asked on 2014-03-25 by Jeff
#12 Q:   I have a tapered square opening in my kitchen ceiling leading to a square duct work through the attic to the roof. Will the ASKI 36 model work with this existing opening? What additional parts do I need? TY
A:   This, and all our other kitchen kits would use round duct. The duct would need to be changed or adapted to round for a section to accommodate the fan and silencer.

       Asked on 2014-02-18 by Mary
#13 Q:   hi, Im trying to get the right exhaust fan for a 36 venthood that has a 460 cfm motor. the lenght of the ventilation duct is about 11 horizontal and 12 vertical and it will have 2 90s
A:   That size hood will likely have a 8 inch connection, so the TD200 would both fit and provide the desired CFM

       Asked on 2013-08-09 by Carlos
#14 Q:   Will this system work with a downdraft through the floor system? I want to replace my existing fan in a Jenn air ( not powerful enough).
A:   It will work, but be sure to get enough CFM as the downdraft theory is flawed. Always better to capture from above.

       Asked on 2013-04-25 by Joe

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