Laing AutoCirc E1 Hot Water Recirculation Pumps

AutoCirc ACT-E1 instant hot water circulation pump system from Laing. Pump is installed under the sink or faucet farthest from the water heater -- where hot water usually takes the longest amount of time to arrive. A built-in temperature sensor automatically turns the pump on when the water temperature in the hot water supply line cools down to 85 deg. F. This cool water in the hot water supply line is then pumped into the cold water line and back into the water heater.

The pump turns off automatically when the hot water supply line to the faucet reaches 95 deg. F, ensuring the instant availability of shower warm water with maximum temperature hot water only seconds behind. AB1953 compliant.  


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E1-BCANCT1W-06 Laing AutoCirc1 instant hot water circulation pump system. LHB08100092. Includes pump, built-in temperature sensor, 24-hour timer, and 6-ft. long cord with plug for connection to a standard 115-volt outlet. Fixed thermostat (ON at 85 F and OFF at 95 F). 1 Day. In-stock $339.00
E1-BCANRT1W-06 Laing AutoCirc1 instant hot water circulation pump system. LHB08100093. ADJUSTABLE ON THERMOSTAT VERSION (77 to 91 F). Includes pump, built-in temperature sensor, 24-hour timer, and 6-ft. long cord with plug for connection to a standard 115-volt outlet. 1 Day. In-stock $359.00
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laing autocirc sustem

The Autocirc Under-Sink Instant Hot Water Pump System:
 Does not require a return line.
 Requires only 14 watts of power.
 Packaged complete with a 6 ft. long power cord.
 Requires only one pump and one installation for all fixtures on the hot water plumbing line. 
 Has built-in fixed thermostat or an optional, adjustable thermostat.
 Has a built-in 24 hour timer which allows the selection of system operating periods to suit family usage.
 Saves the average family of four up to 17,000 gallons of water annually.
 Is silent during operation.
 Saves energy, money, water and pays for itself in a short period of time




  Laing pump video (click for video):



  Catalog and IOM Links:

AutoCirc E1 Catalog (PDF file)

Installation Manual (PDF file)

AutoCirc Specsheet (PDF file)

Laing Warranty Info (PDF file)

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#1 Q:   Can a replacement impeller be purchased and if so, where can I order?
A:   We do not sell the parts for these. Sorry.

       Asked on 2019-07-09 by JB
#2 Q:   I would like to purchase an E1-BCANRT1W-06, but without the timer. I plan to control the on time via my smart home hub. What is the model number I should order with threaded connections?
A:   There is no model that has the 4 connection ports and no timer. You can set the timer to run 24/7 on the E1-BCANRT1W-06 and control it via your other system.

       Asked on 2019-04-24 by Joe
#3 Q:   How many amps does the unit pull? My dishwasher & disposal are on the same 20amp circuit that I want use. Will this be a problem?
A:   Its 14 watts so roughly 0.12 amps. Doubt it would be a problem.

       Asked on 2018-12-08 by Richar
#4 Q:   Is a separate line needed to take the water back to the hot water heater or does this just pump directly into the cold water supply?
A:   It uses the cold water line as the return line back to the water heater.

       Asked on 2018-02-25 by Chet
#5 Q:   Is there a warranty on this product?
A:   Yes, please see page 6 of the installation manual for the full text:

       Asked on 2017-01-10 by Delmer
#6 Q:   I added an additional hot water circulation line from my farthest faucet back to my water heater. The pump is now mounted at the water heater. Is it possible for me to raise the temperature setting in the pump so I can have higher than 95 degrees?
A:   That is a fixed thermostat set to Health and Safety standards,,They dont want scalding water available at the turn of a tap. The model that does allow for temperature adjustment is solely for the starting point, it still turns off at 95.

       Asked on 2014-12-30 by Seattle Washington
#7 Q:   We currently have 105 degree water at the faucet once cold water is cleared out. Since pump turns off at 95, will we still have 105 degree water if needed, just warmer water sooner?
A:   The pump turns off JUST BEFORE the 105 water gets to your faucet (roughly at 95F). That means when you turn on your faucet you will get 95 water immediately followed by the full warm water.

       Asked on 2014-10-15 by Bob
#8 Q:   If manually switched can the E1 pump be used with a tankless water heater?
A:   No. The E1s are not rated for tankless heaters. Only the E10 is high enough flow to work with tankless.

       Asked on 2014-10-07 by Bill
#9 Q:   Instead of using the timer is it okay to wire in an on / off switch?
A:   There is no place to wire in an on/off switch but you could cut power to the unit to control it.

       Asked on 2014-10-07 by Bill
#10 Q:   Is there any chance that when the water is returning to the water heater that it flows past the water heater and out through the water line coming into the house?
A:   No. The water pressure from the street far surpasses the pressure this pump can generate, and I believe the water meter acts as a check valve, and/or there should be one in the system at some point.

       Asked on 2014-06-10 by KD
#11 Q:   will this system work with a single lever faucets?
A:   Yes, those still have individual hook ups for water...

       Asked on 2014-05-30 by Bruce
#12 Q:   Is there a check valve in the Laing E1-BCTVNN1W-06 hot water circulating pump?
A:   Yes there is...

       Asked on 2014-03-16 by William A
#13 Q:   can you use this pump on tankless anyway or no way?
A:   The E10 can be used with tankless, but not the E1...

       Asked on 2014-03-14 by jdubb
#14 Q:   I just installed an ecocic, E1-BCANCT1W-06. There is a dial on the bottom and I do not understand which setting to use. There were no instructions in the box, but I hooked it up and water is circulating. The box had part No. LHB081000092 Autocirc Connectioon (NPT). The dial is set on 3 but I have no idea what it should be set to perform well. This is a 2 person home, 2000 sq ft, device is set up furtherist from 50 gallon hotwater tank. It normally takes 7 - 10 minutes to get hot water at the back location.
A:   That dial is a speed control, the setting you have it should be fine as this pump is designed to work behind the scenes.

       Asked on 2014-02-21 by Henry - San Antonio, Texas
#15 Q:   There is a split in my upstairs plumbing. Can this pump be used in conjunction with an addition of something link a Grundfos comfort valve in the 2nd sink? This would allow circulation in the second bathroom which would not fit an under sink pump. Thanks
A:   These will not work with the comfort valve systems, those need water pushed into them and these pull the water across the house.

       Asked on 2014-02-12 by AJV
#16 Q:   My ~9 year old Laing AutoCirc is beginning to get louder when it operates. I hardly noticed it before this month. It works fine. Is there any maintenance I can do to this pump?
A:   Those pumps have no maintenance points, they recommend to replace when it fails.

       Asked on 2014-02-08 by Terry
#17 Q:   Does the pump motor shut off with a solenoid valve? Would shock arrestors prevent water hammer?
A:   There is no solenoid shutoff, just a manual check valve to prevent reverse water flow.

       Asked on 2014-02-07 by RJM WI
#18 Q:   I have a SMT 303 BTW #8934c. What is the replacement model number ?
A:   You would use the E1-BCTVNN1W-06 as a replacement.

       Asked on 2014-02-06 by Mike M
#19 Q:   Does the system work in a new home with plastic hot and cold water pipes?
A:   Yes, will work no matter the material.

       Asked on 2014-01-25 by Bernie
#20 Q:   I want to set timer just to be used between 8 am and midnite how do I set. dont have the directions for it .
A:   You would pull all the tabs out for that time period and it will run solely via thermostat.

       Asked on 2014-01-01 by mark c
#21 Q:   Which model is recommended for a 2 adult home with a 30 gallon gas water heater?
A:   These will move the same amount of water, the RT version adds a thermostat which allows for the On starting temp to be adjusted.

       Asked on 2013-12-26 by Bruce C
#22 Q:   I have a 1/2 Laing Thermotech recirc pump w/ timer (Model # SMT 303 BSW) on a hot water recirc loop to my kitchen which has stopped working. Can I buy the pump/motor and attach to the head that is mounted into my water line so I dont have to replumb? Can you provide the part number?
A:   The new units are only available whole, but the motor will fit your existing plumbing piece. E1-BCSVNN1W-06 is the new number. The timer is available separately if desired.

       Asked on 2013-12-22 by Bob
#23 Q:   how do you program the autocirc pump?
A:   You pull tabs out on the dial to signify when the pump is to be active, be sure it is in timer mode on the 3 position selector switch as well.

       Asked on 2013-12-20 by buda tx
#24 Q:   Building a new house with the plastic(PEX)hot and cold water lines. Can this be used with out exceeding the pressure limits on the plastic tubing?
A:   Yes, it adds almost no pressure to the line, simply circulates hot water through an open loop back to the heater.

       Asked on 2013-11-15 by John B
#25 Q:   On the E1-BCANCT1W-06, what are the fittings size for the water hook up? It sounds like an easy install (depending on the commonality of the connection.
A:   They accept the standard 1/2 inch supply hoses you can get at the hardware store.

       Asked on 2013-10-25 by chiefjoe
#26 Q:   Are parts available for the ACT-303 series? Pump eratic-must tap side of unit to re-activate whatever is stuck!
A:   When they went to the new DC motor, they elected to stop selling parts. A whole unit with new warranty must be purchased.

       Asked on 2013-10-25 by jim in eugene, OR
#27 Q:   How many discrete time periods can be programmed into the system for hot water circulation?
A:   They can be turned on and off via timer about every 10-15 minutes...The amount of periods is almost infinite.

       Asked on 2013-09-26 by R.
#28 Q:   My water heater is set at 180 degrees, will this unit work at this high temp?
A:   The maximum temperature the pump can handle is 203 degrees F.

       Asked on 2013-09-23 by Steve T
#29 Q:   The pump on my unit is going bad. The timed motor still working well. My question is -- Can I purchase the pump only for this model? Thanks
A:   Unfortunately not. When they changed to the DC motors, they stopped selling parts. The good news is that the casting is the same, so it will pop right on.

       Asked on 2013-09-16 by TK
#30 Q:   Q&A #5 says you will get a small amt. of warm water out of the cold when wanting a cold glass of water. how much warm water do you have to bled out.
A:   It depends on where you are in the system and if the pump has run recently, but very little if any. I like to make sure people know it is at least a remote possibility in the interest of full disclosure

       Asked on 2013-08-11 by Bob
#31 Q:   Will this work for tankless water heater?
A:   It will not, one must use the E10 for tankless heaters.

       Asked on 2013-08-01 by jorge f
#32 Q:   How to set timer after a power outage
A:   Depending on model, Up is the pointer for current time.

       Asked on 2013-07-29 by Sandra
#33 Q:   Can you please give me the dimensions of this pump?
A:   Quite small, 9x3x2 or so...

       Asked on 2013-06-19 by BWW - Florida
#34 Q:   what is the warrenty on this pump
A:   Two year no fault warranty.

       Asked on 2013-04-13 by bobby savoie
#35 Q:   dont you get warm water in the cold water side of the faucet inline before the pump?
A:   You might get a very small amount of luke warm water on the cold water side but its a minimal amount and dissipates very quickly.

       Asked on 2013-04-06 by Bill

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