HVACQuick IFWB4 Series W-Bank Insulated High Flow Inline Filter Boxes

HVACQuick's IFWB4 series of inline filter boxes are a great solution for any application requiring high MERV filtration and CFM with a low pressure drop. Designed to fit 14" ducts. The filter access door attaches securely with latches, and opens easily for filter replacement. The boxes are constructed from 0.040 double walled aluminum with 1" of R4.3 fiberglass on 4 sides of body (insulation and double walled on 4 sides, not on collar connections).

The IFWB4 boxes use 24x24" replaceable filters in 2" thickness (23.38 x 23.38 x 1.75" actual filter size). 4 filters are required per box.  One MERV-13 filter set is included with purchase.

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IFWB4-14 HVACQuick IFWB4 series inline insulated filter box. Includes lid and four MERV-13 filters (24x24x2). 14 inch duct collars. *SHIPS FREIGHT* 2-3 weeks $787.50
FD24X24X2N-4 PACK 24x24x2 (23.38 x 23.38 x 1.75) 2-Inch MERV 13 Filter. Replacement pack for IFWB4 units. 4 PACK. 1-2 days $67.96
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hvacquick IFWB filter box

hvacquick IFWB filter box open

hvacquick IFWB filter box filters

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