Fantech AEV1000 Air Exchange Ventilator

Suitable for temperate climates where balanced ventilation is needed, the Air Exchanger Ventilator (AEV 1000) is designed to provide fresh air into a building while exhausting an equal amount of stale air. During the winter months, the incoming cold fresh air is warmed by mixing it with return air before it is supplied to the home. During summer months when the indoor space is air conditioned, the AEV will help in cooling the incoming fresh air with the stale air that is being exhausted.

  • Airflow up to 68 cfm @ 0.4" PS serves 1-2 bedroom homes
  • Washable synthetic filter
  • Unit can be installed in any position
  • External three position switch (Low/Standby/Medium)
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AEV 1000 Fantech Air Exchange Ventilator. 68 CFM at 0.2 inch SP. 115 VAC. 5 Inch Duct Collars. With Plug. 2-3 Days $339.00
40187 Fantech replacement filter for the AEV 1000 air exchanger. 2-3 Days $15.10
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#1 Q:   Can this be set up with a programmable timer or thermostat? If so, what would be compatible with it?
A:   It is typically used one of three ways: 1. you may switch the outlet it is plugged into with a thermostat or timer. 2. it can run when the main air handler runs if it is slaved off of it. 3. it may run on a MDEH-1 humidistat controller.

       Asked on 2018-04-02 by Shawn
#2 Q:   I would like to exchange air in a room with a therapy hot tub. Would this product (Fantech AEV 1000) work for this application?
A:   If you are in a cold climate, consider one of the Fantech HRVs instead. Otherwise if you are just exchanging air and not recovering heat you would increase the heating load for the space.

       Asked on 2014-12-08 by Kay

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