Spring Loaded Backdraft Dampers

Backdraft dampers.  Constructed from galvanized steel for the collar and lightweight aluminum for the damper blades. Spring loaded for positive closure.

Can be mounted horizontally or vertically -- horizontal or vertical (up) airflow.  The collars are undercut 1/8" to fit duct (12" size is 1/4" undercut).

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BDD12 Spring loaded backdraft damper with foam gasket. For 12" round duct. 1 Day. In-stock $18.00
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backdraft damper

metal backdraft damper

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#1 Q:   Can you tell me how many CFMs are required to open these dampers.
A:   There is no testing data for min CFM to open these. Sorry. The springs are sized for typical flow in ducts.

       Asked on 2019-06-25 by Joe
#2 Q:   Can this be used in a vertical - airflow down position?
A:   No. Only vertical orientation that will work is airflow up.

       Asked on 2019-01-05 by Glen
#3 Q:   Can this product be used on a range hood blower to prevent cold air from entering house via the duct work? The blower installed is a 600CFM.
A:   Yes. These can be used for bath or kitchen exhaust systems.

       Asked on 2018-12-06 by David
#4 Q:   Do you have a damper sensitive enough to be opened by a computer fan? We need a very small ventilation source for a cold storage unit that will be operating on DC, and want to have the intake closed when the fan is not operating.
A:   No, you would probably need more flow/pressure than a computer fan will provide. Consider a motorized damper with the same voltage as the fan (or from main power source for the fan), so powering the fan will power the damper open.

       Asked on 2017-07-28 by ZD
#5 Q:   Could you use on dryer vent?
A:   Not recommended. In general, any backdraft damper with a center pivot is not recommended as they tend to collect lint there.

       Asked on 2016-12-03 by Jim
#6 Q:   Is there a noticeable reduction in air flow, specifically if I use two?
A:   You can expect a slight increase in static pressure, but it is almost negligible when using a high statich centrifugal fan.

       Asked on 2014-03-14 by Jeff S
#7 Q:   What is the temperature rating for this product?
A:   The top rating for this is 140 degrees F.

       Asked on 2014-01-03 by Mike

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