Dayus Opposed Blade Dampers

· Opposed blade damper with slide operator
· Extruded aluminum frame with rollformed aluminum blades
· Pressure fit nylon pivot pins (rattle free & non loosening)
· Easily operated with a flat screwdriver
· Available on 2” increments as standard
· Custom sizes available but extra charge may apply
· Only available in Mill

Any available size in 3 days!  Call us at 877-711-4822 if you do not see the size you need listed.

dayus obd

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#1 Q:   Could the damper be modified by me for modulation by an electric actuator?
A:   Typically no. There are no shafts that extend out the sides where an actuator could be mounted.

       Asked on 2016-09-08 by Rory
#2 Q:   Is it possible to have one of these where they open when air pressure is applied ? like when a generator starts up ?
A:   Not this particular unit, but we do have some gravity dampers that would blow open and close via gravity when the fan shuts off.

       Asked on 2014-05-18 by Earnest
#3 Q:   The description says these are manually actuated. Is there a lever arm or somesuch?
A:   There is a lever that one would access with a screwdriver through the face.

       Asked on 2013-06-25 by Isaac

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