Vortex VTX400P Dryer Booster Fan

Vortex VTX400P inline blower for 4 inch diameter duct has a built in automatic pressure switch that detects when air is flowing through the duct.  It will automatically turn on and off the booster fan as required.  In a clothes dryer application, when the dryer goes on, the VTX400P will automatically turn on and stay on until after the dryer goes off.  This allows the dryer to perform more efficiently.  Both drying time and power consumption are reduced.

Note that when installing the fan closer than 15 feet from the dryer, the ALT4 inline lint trap is required between the dryer and the fan.  

The ALT4 fits 4-inch duct. Features pull out door with view window, removable lint filter for easy cleaning and 1/2" flange for flush mount installation.

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VTX400P Vortex Powerfans VTX-Series. Includes 6 ft power cord and FAN MOUNTED PRESSURE SWITCH. 220 nominal CFM. For 4 inch ducts. 1 Day. In Stock $189.00
ALT4 Vortex painted galvanized metal lint trap for dryer boosting applications. Use when duct length between dryer and booster fan is less than 15 feet. Fits 4-inch duct. 1 Day. In Stock $33.00
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vortex vtx400p fan

vtx fan with pressure switch

alt4 lint trap

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#1 Q:   I dont have 5 feet from dryer. Will this work and is it okay to mount on ground.
A:   If you have less than 15 feet from the dryer then you need the ALT4 lint trap between the dryer and the booster fan. Not sure how you would mount this on the ground.

       Asked on 2016-11-06 by john howe

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