MagVent MV-90 Magnetic Dryer Vent For 90 Dryer Vent Path

The MV-90 is designed for when the vent path takes a 90 degree turn, such as down through the floor, up through the ceiling, or off to the side. 

The MV-90 can handle offsets up to 3 inches from center to center. The more accurately you line up the MV-90 with the vent on the back of your dryer, the better the vent path and the further back you can locate your dryer. Normally, the MV-90 requires 5 1/2 inches of clearance behind the dryer. If an obstruction necessitates you locate the MV-90 at the maximum 3 inch offset, then your dryer will need to sit out an additional 3 inches to allow for a bend radius in the transition duct. See instructions for offsets greater than 3 inches.

The MagVent, a properly designed duct system, and routine cleaning are the solution to boost dryer efficiency and save energy!

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magvent mv-90

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#1 Q:   Can the MV90 go through the floor? As a 90? And then can you hook the piece up to hard pipe?
A:   Sure, just make sure its well attached to the hard pipe and supported.

       Asked on 2021-03-21 by Adam

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