Primex WCL Series Low Profile Intake and Exhaust Wall Caps

The Primex Low Profile Intake and Exhaust Vents (WCL Series) eliminate leaky joints while maximizing water protection with a one-piece molded base and built-in drip edge. These vents feature an attractive low profile design and fit 7" and 8" diameter ducts. They are rainscreen-compatible via the extended base which compensates for the cavity between sheathing and cladding.


• Suitable for intake and exhaust applications where low profile is preferred.
• Over-sized flange ensures water-tight installation.
• The integrity of the building envelope is maintained via a removable hood for simple cleaning or replacement.
• Made with UV-protected Polymer resin for lasting durability.
• Highly resistant to mechanical impact.
• Built-in bird screen.
• Quick and easy installation.

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WCL701 Primex louvred wall cap. 7/8 inch collar. With screen and removable backdraft dampers. WHITE color. 1 Day. In-stock $27.90
WCL723 Primex louvred wall cap. 7/8 inch collar. With screen and removable backdraft dampers. TAUPE color. 1 Day. In-stock $27.90
WCL725 Primex louvred wall cap. 7/8 inch collar. With screen and removable backdraft dampers. BLACK color. 1 Day. In-stock $27.90
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Primex WCL

Primex WCL dimensions

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#1 Q:   will this fit into an inside diameter of 6 3/4 inch?
A:   It will not. Full 7 inch sleeve that increases to 8 inch.

       Asked on 2019-10-06 by Drew
#2 Q:   Can you get the WCL series cap in color 31 - Light Grey?
A:   We only stock the colors listed. We could special order other colors but in case qty (4 pieces) only.

       Asked on 2017-10-26 by Brian
#3 Q:   How long is the pipe end on the 8 vent? Im wanting to install through a metal pole barn wall with ribbed metal siding inside and out for an exhaust fan. Total wall thickness is about 10.25. Thank you.
A:   The sleeve extends back 9.25 inches.

       Asked on 2017-03-22 by Gary

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