Fantech Serenity Bath Fan System

The Serenity™ Bath Fan System is a stunning display of engineering and elegance. It is a quiet, energy efficient bathroom exhaust system that takes ventilation to the next level with its built in demand based control features and continuous local or whole building ventilation operating modes.


The bath fan is designed to automatically ventilate one bathroom location (2 baths for Duet) matching your needs in creating a comfortable and accommodating environment. An exhaust grille mounts in the ceiling while the fan motor mounts in a remote location away from the living area. The result is a quiet yet powerful combination designed to help protect your home from the damaging effects of humidity. Designed for intermittent or continuous operation to meet ASHRAE Standard 62.2.

  • Humidity tracking

Humidity tracking is a demand feature that continuously monitors the %RH. Serenity™ differentiates itself from other bath fan systems by knowing what the normal %RH is at any given time and for any given space. Proper ventilation is then enabled when abnormal humidity conditions are detected. Most other systems have a set %RH that would enable ventilation and then run for a preset period of time. Because Serenity™ knows what normal humidity levels should be prior to detecting high humidity, ventilation will continue until humidity levels are back to within normal limits, protecting your property and ensuring comfort.

  • Occupancy monitoring

Presence detection is a demand feature included in the Serenity™ Series that monitors occupancy of the space. After detecting continuous motion for 1 minute, ventilation will automatically be enabled. Ventilation will remain enabled for the duration the room is occupied and then run for a period of time (adjustable) before turning off.

  • Continuous ventilation

Continuous ventilation is an operating mode that can also be enabled. Minimum airflow is 20 CFM for local ventilation but is field adjustable to satisfy ASHRAE Standard 62.2 for Whole Building Ventilation.

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SERENITY SOLO Fantech Serenity single grille Auto Sensing Everything remote mount bath fan system with ECM fan. Energy Star. 150 CFM. 10W LED. 3-4 Days $499.00
SERENITY DUET Fantech Serenity dual grille Auto Sensing Everything remote mount bath fan system with ECM fan. Energy Star. 270 CFM. 10W LED. 1 Day. In-stock $866.00
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fantech serenity solo and duet

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