Laing ACT-4 Wireless Hot Water Recirculation Pumps

Designed for plumbing systems without a recirculation line, the ACT-4 uses unique ECM technology to achieve significant energy savings while operating on as little as 20 watts of power. A paired valve is installed under the sink, or other water outlet, farthest away from the water heater, where hot water takes the longest to arrive. The valve is battery operated and equipped with an onboard temperature sensor and wireless RF transceiver and communicates with the circulator pump mounted to the water heater or hot water source.

The ACT-4 is lead-free and features technology that turns the pump on only when the system needs to be replenished with hot water.

  • Easy installation, no electrical outlet required under the sink
  • Built-in 24-hour timer which allows system to adjust to users schedule
  • Operated via wireless RF communication, ranging approximately 150 Feet
  • Temperature and timer controlled
  • Optional push button start
  • Valve operates using two (2 AA batteries)


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ACT-4 KIT Laing ACT-4 instant hot water pump system. Part 6050E4050. Includes pump, temperature sensor, adjustable thermostat, 24-hour timer, 6-ft. long power cord and paired WIRELESS valve. 1 Day. In Stock $334.00
ACT-4 REPEATER Laing ACT-4 optional signal repeater with push button override. Plugs into power outlet. 1 Day. In Stock $124.00
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laing act-4 hot water recirculation system

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#1 Q:   I have two branches, would this work with two control valves at different locations.
A:   This system only comes with 1 paired valve. This would work only on the 1 branch.

       Asked on 2018-01-30 by DALE
#2 Q:   About how often do the batteries have to be replaced?
A:   Battery use would depend on how much the system operates. Laing estimates a 2 year battery life.

       Asked on 2017-03-05 by K
#3 Q:   Can you use ACT 4 with a takigi tankless water heater ?
A:   No. This pump is not for tankless water heaters.

       Asked on 2016-02-28 by Bryan

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