Lifebreath ERV Energy Recovery Ventilators

Nearly 90% of the energy used to cool your home or business is required to remove humidity. With a Lifebreath ERV, humidity is removed from the air before it is exchanged with stale air from your home or business – greatly reducing your cooling costs. The Lifebreath ERV core reduces humidity by transfering water molecules from one air stream to the other.

ERVs are recommended in regions where high outdoor humidity is cause for operating air conditioning/ dehumidification for an extended period of the year, and much more frequently than a heating system. ERVs are NOT recommended in any region where temperatures fall below 25F (-4C) for more than five days.

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30 ERV Lifebreath ERV. 63 cfm @ 0.3 in. w.g. Compact insulated cabinet. No controller. 2-3 Weeks $609.00
METRO 120 ERV Lifebreath ERV. 129 cfm @ 0.3 in. w.g. Low profile cabinet. No controller. 2-3 Weeks $659.00
130 ERVD Lifebreath ERV. 147 cfm @ 0.3 in. w.g. Compact top port design. No controller. Recirculation feature. 2-3 Weeks $709.00
230 ERVR Lifebreath ERV. 184 cfm @ 0.3 in. w.g. Top port design with 2 speed operation. No controller. 2-3 Weeks $749.00
99-BC04 Lifebreath ERV controller. 2 speed fan setting, standby, 2 operational modes (20 on/ 40 off, 20 on/ 40 recirc.). Compatible with wireless timer 99-DET02. 1 Day. In-stock $23.00
99-DET01 Lifebreath optional 20/40/60 minute timer. Initiates high speed operation for 20, 40, or 60 minutes. 1 Day. In-stock $24.00
99-DET02 Lifebreath wireless timer. Initiates high speed ventilation - 20,40 or 60 minutes. Estimated range of 40 ft. Compatible with repeater (99-RX02) for greater range. 1 Day. In-stock $26.00
99-RX02 Lifebreath repeater. Extends range between wireless timer (DET02) and the main controller. Plugs into outlet. 1 Day. In-stock $22.00
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lifebreath erv specs

lifebreath residential erv specs

lifebreath erv series

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