Tjernlund SB1 Hot Shot Universal Stove Blower

The Tjernlund Hot Shot Universal Stove Blower captures and distributes radiant heat from your stove that is otherwise wasted. The Hot Shot quietly pushes room air between the "Heat Capture Chute" and the stove top, warming it along the way and then propelling it into the room. Use the Directional Chute attachment and turning vanes to direct the warmed air left or right up to 45 degrees or straight to extend Heat Capture Chute.

Easy plug in electrical (120 VAC, 25 watts), installs without tools in minutes on most stoves. 75 cfm airflow. 

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SB1 Tjernlund SB1 Universal Stove Blower. 75 cfm. 120VAC, 25 watts. Painted black. 1 Day. In-stock $131.80
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#1 Q:   What is the square footage this will heat.
A:   The fan pushes out 75 cfm of air. The amount of heat that 75 cfm moves depends on your stove. The purpose of the fan is to spread the stove heat info the space/room faster and more efficiently.

       Asked on 2018-11-20 by Dennis

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