Dayus DABL and DABLD Bar Linear Grilles - Made to Order

The form below allows you to price Dayus bar linear grilles. Use the pull-down menus to define the size and configuration options. Once you have made your selections and updated the page, you are ready to order! 

•  Features fully extruded aluminum construction.
•  Deflection bars are fixed parallel to the long dimension.
•  Core style options include 0, 15, 30 degree deflection, pencil proof or fine line appearance.
•  Installed in ceilings, side wall, sills or floor where a straighter, longer air throw is required.
•  Opposed blade damper available.
•  Durable powdercoat painted finish.

Any available size in 3 days!  Call us at 877-711-4822 if you do not see the size you need listed.

LIST* Length:
LIST* Width (Height): Please select LENGTH above first

* The LIST length and width (height) are the size of the OPENING. See cut-sheets for undercut and sizing info. Blades are in direction of Length.
Core: Standard Grille
Core Only '-C' Option
Removable Core '-R' Option
Floor: Standard Grille (for walls or ceilings - not for floor mounting)
Floor '-F' Option (for floor mounted grilles - 8" max width)
Mounting: No Mounting (for removable core only)
Screws '-A' (for ceiling, wall, and sill applications)
Spring Clips '-B' (for sill and floor applications)
Concealed '-C' (for ceiling, wall, floor, and sill applications)
Side wall fastening '-D' (for removable core only)
Blade Options: 0 Degree, 1/5 Inch Blade ('-00')
Pencil Proof, 1/4 Inch Blade ('-01')
15 Degree, 1/5 Inch Blade ('-15')
30 Degree, 1/5 Inch Blade ('-30')
0 Degree, 1/8 Inch Blade ('-82')
1/8 Inch Blade, 1/4 Inch Spacing ('-84')

**MILL Finish is raw unfinished aluminum and will have scratches/scuffs/imperfections from the manufacturing process.
Production: Standard Production (3-4 Weeks) - Available for all finishes
Friday Next Production (Not this Friday, but next Friday. Order must be placed before 1 pm PST Thursday) - Available for all finishes
3-Day Express Production - Available for MILL FINISH ONLY

Model Number:
Total Price (each): $ 0.00
Note: Dayus products are made-to-order. They are NON-RETURNABLE
         and the order cannot be cancelled once in production. The minimum
         order amount is $45 (will be reflected in the basket).

Do you have questions about the products on this page?

Click on the ? image on the left or this link to ask us your questions!
#1 Q:   If I order a 32x4 grill is it my understanding the overall size of the grill will be 34x6 (1 inch bigger on each side).
A:   Assuming you do not get the Core Only option the overall size will be 33-11/16 x 5-11/16 inches. Almost 1 inch bigger on each side.

       Asked on 2019-10-25 by Ken
#2 Q:   where are the submittal sheets for the registers with the j bead flange and the hidden flange?
A:   Links tab on the J and H flange grilles page:

       Asked on 2019-10-01 by ryan
#3 Q:   Hi, would I be able to get the DABLD bar linear grille for floor return IN 30Lx14W?
A:   Unfortunately not. These are certified for the loads of a floor application only in 8 inch max width.

       Asked on 2018-05-28 by Shawn
#4 Q:   Rough opening 10 X 3. Overall size maximum is: 11.5 (width) X 4-1/4 (height). What will be the overall size on rough opening 10 length X 3 height? What is the depth of this grille?
A:   Overall size is LIST + 1-11/16 inches. For 10x3 LIST (rough opening size) the overall will be 11-11/16 x 4-11/16 inches. Depth is roughtly 1-3/4 inches depending on model. Catalog

       Asked on 2016-10-21 by Iris
#5 Q:   If I order I to fit the duct 15 x 7 1/2 what will the actual size be?
A:   There is 1 inch flange all the way round, so you would be at 17x9.5.

       Asked on 2014-10-27 by Ron A
#6 Q:   When ordering, the opening is 10 x 4, you are saying I should order a 12 x 6 register or grill?
A:   The LIST SIZE (order size) is the opening size. So order a 10x4 grille for your 10x4 opening. The grille will have a larger flange to cover the edges of the opening but the portion that slides into the opening will be 10x4 (slightly undercut from that).

       Asked on 2014-10-08 by Dave
#7 Q:   The return register opening measures- Vertical Height =20 The return register opening measures- Horizontal Width =12 What would the actual dimensions of the register be? Does the removable core style allow for a filter insertion?
A:   If the hole is 20x12, you would order that and the overall would be 22x14. One could cobble a way to contain a filter, but it is not designed as such.

       Asked on 2014-03-03 by Michael F
#8 Q:   Re:DABLD--Can you adjust the Damper Blades after the register is installed, and if so,how?
A:   You can adjust the damper...there is a receiver just behind the bars that one operates with a screwdriver.

       Asked on 2013-08-06 by Tom S

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