Current Sensors and Switches

Setra CSS and CSC Current Switches

Setra CSS and CSC Current Switches. Solid core and split core designs. Snap on relay available.

From $28.00

Greystone Current Switches

AC current SWITCHES monitor line current for electrical loads such as pumps, conveyors, lighting, heaters or fans and close the output contacts when the trip point is exceeded.

From $30.40

Greystone Current Sensors

AC current SENSORS monitor line current for electrical loads and provide an output of 4-20 mA, 0-5 Vdc or 0-10 Vdc (model specific) to represent the load current.

From $31.90

Dwyer Series SCS Current Switches With Optional Relay Output

Ideal for monitoring fans, pumps, or motors. The current flowing through the corepowers the circuit without an external power supply. Optional 10 Amp relay.

From $70.90

Dwyer Series CCS Current Switches With LED Visual Confirmation

These self-powered switches can be hung or tied directly to cables or wires. LED indicators. Both fixed and adjustable set points are available.

From $16.80

Dwyer Series CCT40/50/60/70 Current Transformers

Low cost alternative for measuring power and monitoring the operation of motors. 60/70 series provide true RMS outputs on distorted AC waveforms.

From $27.60

Setra Power Patrol Networked 3-Phase Power Meter

Networked 3-phase power meter that works with Rogowski Coils and has a small enough form factor to be mounted inside or outside of the panel. Line-powered and do not require external power.

From $629.00

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