Refrigerant Pressure Measurement

Sauermann Si-RM3 Wireless Manifold P/T Probes With Dual Valves

Si-RM3 manifold comes with two pressure probes (high side and low side pressure) and two temperature probes. Provides real-time superheat/sub cooling calculations.

From $326.00

Sauermann Si-RM13 Manifold With Smart Wireless Probes and 2-Channel Bypass

Combines the sturdiness of the analog manifold with digital smart wireless temperature and pressure probes.

From $570.80

Sauermann Si-RV3 Wireless Vacuum Probe With Dual Valves

Smart wireless vacuum probe for measuring vacuum in a refrigeration system.

From $211.60

Common uses for this equipment


Wireless digital manifolds are designed to measure a wide range of parameters in refrigeration, cooling and heat pump systems, including pressure, evacuation and overheating, as well as undercooling for over 100 different refrigerants.


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