Sensors, transmitters, and switches for building automation systems,monitoring, industrial, or other applications.

Current Sensors and Switches

Current sensors and switches measure and control based upon current flowing through a conductor.

Gas Detectors

Gas detectors are used to sense and measure gases such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Pneumatic Transducers

Pneumatic transducers output a pressure proportional to the input signal. Typically used in pneumatic control systems.

Pressure Transmitters - Liquid

Pressure transmitters and transducers for liquids.

Pressure Transmitters - Gas

Pressure transmitters and transducers for gas media.

Pressure Switches

Pressure switches for gases (usually for air) and liquids. Proving switches.

Relays & Misc Controls

Relays are used to control higher amperage or voltage loads with a control signal. Also, lead lag controllers, wireless relays and more.

Space Pressure Monitors

Room pressure monitors with alarming functions. Great for hospitals, labs, clean rooms and industrial environments.


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