KoldWave HKV Vertical Air-Cooled Portable Air Conditioners

The vertical style units are typically used for through-the-wall tent applications. The standard bi-directional free-blow grille arrangement distributes the air inside the tent. Optional plenum duct adaptors extend the versatility of the units for other applications or where the tent structure must be ducted. Other applications include manufacturing processes or temporary spot cooling/heating.

Standard Features:

 Unit Capacities: 5, 10 and 20 Tons
• Bi-Directional Discharge Grille
• Return Air Grille
• Evaporator Stainless Steel Drain Pan
• 4-Way Lifting Pod
• R-410a Refrigerant
• Terminal Block Power Connection
• Phase Reversal Indicator
• Durable White Powder Coat Finish
• Guards on Condenser Inlet and Discharge
• Hose Connection Condensate Drain
• Circuit Breaker
• Cleanable Filter
• Unit Mounted Thermostat


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KWV-5 KoldWave air cooled vertical portable AC unit. 5 Tons. 208/230/3/60. 30.6 MCA. 8 Weeks $18457.20
KWV-10 KoldWave air cooled vertical portable AC unit. 10 Tons. 208/230/3/60. 57.0 MCA. 8 Weeks $27029.90
KWV-20 KoldWave air cooled vertical portable AC unit. 20 Tons. 208/230/3/60. 97.2 MCA. 8 Weeks $38012.20
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KoldWave HKV Specifications

KoldWave HKV Pictures

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