Dryer Booster Fans

Fantech DBF Series Dryer Booster Fans

Fantech boosters are all suitable for most dryer boosting applications and can be used for maximum duct length of 60 linear feet with a maximum of six elbows using four inch rigid duct.

From $167.80

Tjernlund LB2 Dryer Boosters

*** 5 year no clog, no maintenance guarantee. *** The LB2 Dryer Duct Boosters maintains proper exhaust velocities in duct runs up to 100 equivalent feet, optimizing dryer performance.

From $294.00

Vortex VTX400P Dryer Booster Fan

Inline dryer booster fan for 4" ducts. Metal cased. Built-in pressure switch for automatic operation. Optional ALT4 lint trap.

From $189.00

S&P Dryer Boosters

The S&P kits have been designed to handle dryer boosting applications and help you save on drying time, moisture build up, wear and tear on your dryer, and on your electrical bill.

From $179.00

Suncourt Centrax Dryer Booster Kit

Designed to boost the exhaust from dryers that have long duct runs to the outside. The kit consists of a Centrax centrifugal fan, current switch, and mounting hardware.

From $154.00

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