Makeup Air Fans - Residential

AirScape Residential Make-up Air Unit

Make-up air unit for residential applications. ECM motor. MERV 13 filter for incoming air filtration. Depressurization sensors. 1600 CFM at 0.5 inches W.C.

From $1675.00

Fantech MUAS Residential Makeup Air Systems

The Fantech MUAS is a powered or fan-forced system, which is triggered when the compensated exhaust system is energized. Typically used for makeup air in residential kitchens.

From $1499.00

Aldes Ventergy DSVS Multi Port Distributed Supply Ventilator

Distributed Supply Ventilator is designed to filter and distribute incoming fresh air while preventing the unwanted introduction of contaminants from depressurization.

From $367.70

AirScape CF Cabinet Fan with Filtration

Air handler for general purpose ventilation. Aluminum enclosure with R-4 rated insulation. MERV 6 or MERV 13 filtration options. 1600 or 1930 CFM at 0.5 inches W.C.

From $819.00

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