Duct and Duct Accessories

Fantech Flexible Insulated Duct

Flexible insulated duct is convenient, leak tight, and is the key to quiet bathroom ventilation systems.

From $31.80

Fantech Duct Fittings

Fantech Y sheet metal adapters, reducers, and elbows.

From $24.50

Primex DC Terminator Diffuser Collars

Terminations for round ducting and a collar for diffusers and grilles in air distribution systems. The strong, industrial-grade plastic is durable and lightweight.

From $6.20

Primex 90 Degree Squeeze Elbow

90 degree elbow for tight 2x4 wall and ceiling spaces. Designed to work with the Primex WG4, WGX4S and RDV4 air diffuser products.

From $3.90

Duct Couplings and Connectors

Plastic duct couplers/connectors serve as a coupling between two sections of insulated flexible duct.

From $3.50

AirScape Worm Gear Duct Clamps

Stainless steel worm gear clamps for flexible duct. Great for ensuring the flexible duct does not separate from a fitting.

From $2.10

Balancing Dampers

Balancing dampers are used to throttle airflow in the shorter ducts, allowing airflow to the more distant branches.

From $11.00

Fantech FC Duct Clamps and Cable Ties

FC stabilizing mounting clamps and plastic cable ties.

From $0.70

HVACQuick Air-Tite Takeoff Adapters

Fittings for providing an airtight seal from a flat surface (such as a metal duct) to an insulated flexible duct or round rigid pipe. Perfect for most HVAC applications.

From $8.50

Duct Sealing

Duct sealing devices including tape, tie wraps and sealant.

Fantech IG Inlet Guards

Wire ring inlet guards used to prevent foreign objects from entering duct line.

From $8.20

S&P MBR Series TD Circular Fan Duct Connectors

Flanges that enable TD fans to connect in series.

From $21.10

S&P MAR Series TD Fan Circular to Rectangular Flange

Connections for rectangular ducts that enable TD fans to be connected to a rectangular duct.

From $43.70

S&P MCA Series TD Twin Direct Connection Backdraft Shutters

Twin Direct Connection backdraft shutters. They prevent air leaks when the exhauster is not in operation.

From $31.00

Common uses for this equipment

Ductwork, clamps, y-fittings, reducers, tape, balancing dampers, etc.


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