HVACQuick Ventilated Frieze Blocks

A well-built eave is attractive, keeps rain from the walls, and provides a sheltered space in which to install attic ventilation. Unfortunately, like all vents, soffit and frieze block vents also provide a vector for pests to potentially enter the home. HVACQuick is proud to offer its own line of superior ventilated frieze blocks. Ideal for open-eave construction and manufactured exclusively for us, these superior products let air into, and keep pests out of, the attic better than any available alternative.

  • All-aluminum construction
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Net free ventilation area of 9.5 sq. in. per lineal foot 
  • Pre-drilled screw holes makes installation quick and easy
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VFB-3.5-22.5 HVACQuick.com Ventilated Frieze Block. All aluminum construction. 9.5 sq.in. per linear foot free vent area. Fits into standard 22.5x3.5 inch rafter bay. 1 Day. In Stock $12.95
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ventilated frieze blocks

soffit vent

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#1 Q:   What is the Net Free Vent area of one of these, 17.81 sq.in.?
A:   9.5 sq.in. per linear foot so 1.875 (ft) * 9.5 = 17.8 sq.in. net free area.

       Asked on 2017-08-30 by Steve
#2 Q:   What is the diameter of the holes in this vent (e.g., 1/4, 1/8, 1/16)?
A:   They are .125 inch

       Asked on 2015-07-31 by Scott

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