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Ultimate Air Energy Recovery Ventilator

The king of ERVs! The RecoupAerator is a whole-house air filter and ventilator that circulates fresh air into an average-sized home every two hours. It serves as both ventilation and filtration, capturing virtually all pollens and mold spores. This makes the RecoupAerator uniquely suited for asthmatics. Couple that with 15 years of outstanding product performance, hundreds of testimonials, and you have the finest-performing, most energy-efficient unit available.

96% Efficiency. Air flow: 30-200 cubic feet/minute (cfm). Pre-filter: Washable aluminum mesh. Motor: General Electric ECM brushless motors. Electrical Rating: 120 VAC, 60 Hz., 6.0 amps. Mounting: Operates in vertical or horizontal position. May be suspended from joists or placed on floor or wall-mounted shelf. Connects to 6 inch ducts.

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200DX UltimateAir RecoupAerator energy recovery ventilator. 30-200 cfm. 96 percent efficiency. 120 volts. 6 inch duct connections. 1-2 Weeks $2449.00
200-CO2 UltimateAir CO2 sensor option for 200DX ventilator. CO2 occupancy sensing switch. Wall mounted. White. 1-2 Weeks $389.00
200-DEHUM UltimateAir dehumidistat option for 200DX ventilator. Dehumidistat. Wall mounted. Modulates airflow to control humidity. 1-2 Weeks $129.00
200-TIMER UltimateAir timer option for 200DX ventilator. Boost timer. Wall mounted. Cycle ventilator or boost to high speed for a period of time. 1-2 Weeks $99.00
200-TERMINATION-6 UltimateAir wall termination vent kit for 200DX ventilator. 2 hoods and dampers. 6 inch. 1-2 Weeks $75.00
200-TERMINATION-8 UltimateAir wall termination vent kit for 200DX ventilator. 2 hoods and dampers. 8 inch. 1-2 Weeks $92.00
200-PRESS UltimateAir pressure control option for 200DX ventilator. PressureGuard contol. Monitor and adjust fan speeds to maintain indoor pressure differential. 1-2 Weeks $579.00
200-CEILINGKIT UltimateAir ceiling mounting kit option for 200DX ventilator. Ceiling hanging kit. 1-2 Weeks $79.00
200-HEATER10 UltimateAir HEATER option for 200DX ventilator. WarmFlo duct heater. 1.0 kW. 1-2 Weeks $599.00
200-HEATER25 UltimateAir HEATER option for 200DX ventilator. WarmFlo duct heater. 2.5 kW. 1-2 Weeks $699.00
200-PREFILTER UltimateAir replacement prefilter set for 200DX ventilator. Aluminim prefilter set. Replacement part. 2-3 Days $55.00
200-PLIES UltimateAir replacement internal filter plies for 200DX ventilator. Internal filter plies. Set for one unit. Replacement part. 2-3 Days $89.00
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#1 Q:   How many square feet can it cover? we have a 3000sq house and a small 1000sq apartment can it cover both?
A:   That would be nearing full capacity, but is still within spec for a unit of 200CFM.

       Asked on 2013-10-12 by Jim

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