AirScape DCD Round Plastic Supply or Exhaust Grille - Adjustable Airflow

Round adjustable grille with no damper.  Perfect for either supply or exhaust applications.

- Adjustable airflow
- Durable plastic construction
- Metal side tabs for better ductwork retention
- Plastic face tabs for drywall capture
- Snaps and holds drywall with no screws required
- White color

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DCD 6 AirScape round plastic supply or exhaust grille. Adjustable airflow. 6 inch. 1 Day. In Stock $5.10
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airscape dcd grille dimensions

airscape dcd grille side

airscape dcd grille back

airscape dcd grille front

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#1 Q:   How do you adjust the airflow?
A:   The center disk screws in and out of the main body to throttle/adjust the airflow.

       Asked on 2016-01-03 by KP

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