S&P MFL Filter Boxes

MFL filter boxes are used when the installation requires filtered air to be introduced, to prevent the entry of dust and impurities to the area being ventilated. They have an easy open cover, in order to quickly change the filtering element.

The MFL filtering boxes are the Gravimetric EU3 type, which are capable of filtering between 80 to 95 percent of particles greater than 10 microns.

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MFL-315 S&P MFL Series Filter Boxes. For 12 (12.4) inch ducts. Includes easy to open cover and filter element. 1 Day. In-stock $189.20
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#1 Q:   what CFM air flow can these support? Im particularly interested in the one for 8 ducts
A:   The manufacturer does not provide any airflow specs for these. You might want to look at the IFB line for guidance since those are quite similar: https://www.hvacquick.com/products/residential/Air-Filters/Inline-Filter-Boxes/HVACQuick-IFB-Series-Inline-Filter-Boxes

       Asked on 2018-12-16 by AWK
#2 Q:   hi, just to be clear there is a circular hole on the back of this box - it allows air flow but has a square top access panel to place the filter material?
A:   There is in fact round holes on either end to connect the ductwork to, additionally there is the square access to service the filter.

       Asked on 2013-10-03 by tim
#3 Q:   How much are the replacement filter elements for the s and p mfl filter boxes, also how long do they last and are they cleanable and reusable. I cant find any info on them even on the s and p web site. Thanks
A:   S&P offer no replacements for those...I am told you may get filter material at home improvement or hardware stores to replace the factory one with.

       Asked on 2013-05-27 by Stephen Geldard

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