AirScape 1.0 WHF Whole House Fan

The AirScape 1.0 delivers the same great combination of high power, low noise, energy efficiency and robust engineering as the 1.7, but in a smaller package designed for smaller spaces. As with the 1.7, you get two speeds: 1047 CFM for high-speed ventilation, and 600 CFM of whisper-quiet flow for night-time use.

  • 1047 CFM on high, 600 on low 
  • Super quiet 53 dBA on high 
  • Air tight actuated metal doors 
  • California Title 24 compliant 
  • Wired switch and optional remote operate together 
  • Web Server allows control from browsers, tablets or smart phones 
  • XR units offer additional door insulation
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1.0 WHF AirScape whole house fan. 1047 CFM at high speed and 600 CFM at low speed. 115 VAC, 60Hz. 2 Speed. 78 Watts. INCLUDES wall switch, 10 foot power cord, mounting hardware including gasket and screws, and white cube core grille. Features include: Web Control Ready, Quick Connections (RJ-45), Timer. 1 Day. In stock. $599.00
1.0 WHF-XR AirScape Whole House Fan 1.0, featuring 2 -10 Inch precision fans, 1047/600 CFM high/Low. INCLUDES hardwired wall switch with CAT5 cable, 10 foot power cord, mounting hardware including gasket and screws, and white cube core grille. Features include: Web Control Ready, Quick Connections (RJ-45), Timer, R-49 Insulation. 1 Day. In stock. $639.00
RC-KIT-V1 Wireless Remote Kit Includes remote transmitter (TT-TRANS-V1) and wireless receiver (RC-REC-V1). For use with AirScape Whole House Fans only. High and low speed and timer function. Battery operated. Battery included. NOT compatible with std wall switch or with "Kohilo" model whole house fans. *PRICE ONLY VALID WHEN PURCHASED WITH WHF UNIT 1 Day. In Stock $49.00
TT-TRANS-V1 Additional Wireless Transmitter for use with either the 2nd Generation Controls Package or the RCR-KIT-V1. REMOTE ONLY (no receiver). Multi or high/low speed and timer function. Battery operated (included). 1 Day. In-stock $25.00
TW-TRANS-V1 Additional wireless WALL MOUNTED transmitter for use with either the 2nd Generation Controls Package or the RCR-KIT-V1, . REMOTE ONLY (no receiver). Multi or high/low speed and timer function. Battery operated (included). Low voltage mounting bracket included. *RF signal may be affected by household electrical wiring and other electronics in some installations. 1 Day. In Stock $25.00
TSP Indoor/outdoor temperature sensor package for the 2nd Generation Controls. Includes OUTDOOR and INDOOR TEMPERATURE SENSORS and a 50 ft connection cable. 1 Day. In Stock $99.00
SafeSpeed Kit SafeSpeed (TM) system kit for AirScape whole house fans. Includes DPS-SENSE sensor, pressure tubing (20 and 5 feet) and interlock wiring. *PRICE ONLY VALID WHEN PURCHASED WITH WHF UNIT. 1 Day. In Stock $99.00
RG-1422U AirScape OPTIONAL openable and washable grille for use with 1.0, 1.7,2.5, and 2.5e Whole House Fans. Slides into 14.5 x22.5 inch rough opening. Thumbscrew and hinge combo. PRICING IS ONLY VALID when upgrading with your orginal fan purchase as it replaces the standard grille that comes with the units. 1 Day. In-stock $20.00
ACP-01 Acoustic Plenum Box. An insulated raised frame that reduces sound levels up to 3 dBA. The kit includes: insulated raised frame, tape, and installation hardware. Ships unassembled. For use with 1.0WHF, 1.7WHF, 2.5eWHF, HV1000, HV1600 units. 14.5 x 22.5 inch inside dimensions. 1 Day. In Stock $99.00
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Airflow: 1047/600 CFM
For Square footage: up to 1500 (under ideal conditions)
Fans: 2 precision 10 inch fans
Energy Use: 85/55 watts high/low
Efficiency: 12.3/10.9 CFM/Watt high/low
Acoustical: 53/43 dBA@1m high/low
Attic Seal: Air Tight Actuated Metal Door with Foam Gasket
Insulation: 2-inch R14 PolyISO, or R-49 VIP on XR model
Controls: Hardwired switch with timer, Optional Wireless Remote, web-ready
Grille: High-Flow, White Aluminum cube-core
Grille Dimensions: 16 inch X 24 inch
Installation: Drops in between 16 or 24 incn O/C joists
Rough Opening: 14.5 inch  X 22. 5 inch
Required Attic Venting: 2 sq.ft net free area
Unit Size: 27.25 in x 19 in x 10 in (20" when door is open)
Unit Weight: 26 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 33 lbs.
Electrical: 120 VAC, 60hz, 0.75 Amps
Warranty: 3 Years

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#1 Q:   Can this unit be mounted vertically?
A:   So long as the hinge is on the up and down orientation it will work fine.

       Asked on 2014-07-13 by nm
#2 Q:   how many sq feet will this optimize?
A:   1000-1200 square feet comfortably.

       Asked on 2013-05-13 by gene
#3 Q:   My application is to acheive a Whole House Fan by replacing my home laundry room ceiling fan (noisy and too low flow) with a unit providing at least 400 cfm and quiet for nighttime use. Also, a low flow via varaible speed is desired when doing just laundry. The AirScape 1.0 provides a bit too high air flow for my application. Is there a variable speed control available for this model; or do you have another product. Thank you! Steve
A:   The low speed is 600 cfm, or for the price, spec out a small kitchen kit at the desired cfm level.

       Asked on 2013-05-01 by Steve

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